AFX FX-41 Review

by Alex Meyer

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The AFX-FX 41 is an aggressively shaped helmet with an angular tone that makes it stand out from AFX’s other models. This design comes from its predecessor the FX-39, a simple helmet that really doesn’t quite offer the same features and level of customization that the FX-41 has. This is ideal for the dual-sport adventure touring scenario, enduro riding. It comes in around the 3 pounds, 14 ounces mark.

The peak is more aggressive and angular than the FX-39, which really makes this helmet stand out. The shield change mechanism is exposed and the peak is removable so that you have more flexibility with the helmet. It as a lot of functionality in that it allows you to connect a neck brace for added protection. Quick-release ratchet system so that you don’t have to take your gloves off to adjust your visor and shield. The highlight of this model is that it has a 17-point ventilation system that gives you a nearly unparalleled level of cooling and complete air circulation while you are riding. With that, it has a removable chin curtain so that you can get some extra ventilation for aggressive and/or hot weather riding.

Overall, you are getting a huge bang for your buck with all of the great features on this helmet. Let’s jump in and take a look at what else the FX-41 has to offer.

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Outer shell material : advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy

Shell size : two shell sizes, XS-M for the small shell and L-XXL for the larger shell.

Liner : hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon, all of which are removable and washable

Weight : 4 lbs., 1-1/8 oz.

Pinlock : No but they have an update to dual pane face shield

Strap System : Retention system is quick release with sewn on ECE logo

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Intermediate oval head shape, which is ideal for rounder heads. Designed with a head shape that is fairly neutral, but is a little narrower than other round helmets in the same category. Polycarbonate shield on the outside. Between the $100-$200 marks. This helmet is less goggle friendly than the FX-39.

The bevel on this helmet gives you a more optically correct shield, with the idea that you could be wearing this helmet at higher speeds in more road driving scenarios.

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes from an unmissable bright, safety cone or hunting style orange to a standard mat black for riders who may want something that is a little more subdued.

The aerodynamic shell not only decreases wind resistance while riding but also gives this helmet a really nice, sleek, athletic look and feel to it as well.

Overall comfort

The AFX FX-41 comes with a fairly standard, yet comfortable removable hypoallergenic, antimicrobial liner and removable cheek pads that are easy to remove and wash. There is plenty enough space in the ear cavity that you can put speakers in your helmet.

Another aspect of the FX-41 that makes it really comfortable is the versatility that you get in terms of being able to adjust the helmet. The shield can be flipped up or down, independently of the visor. The shield can also be totally removed if you prefer to use this helmet with goggles instead. That makes this helmet incredibly functional for both road and off-road riding.

Things I liked

  • Customization with the visor and shield
  • Excellent ventilation and breathability
  • Great safety ratings
  • Wide visibility through the visor
  • Fits a variety of riders
  • Comes in a huge variety of colors and styles

Things I don’t like

  • The sound insulation is poor, so this model is really noisy


It is constructed with a flip-up, quick-release shield that fits flush to the helmet. Side covers for extra insulation and protection. Scratch-resistant, fog-resistant, and smoke-tinted, the visor on this is designed to keep your eyes safe and shielded from harmful UV rays.

Another nice feature that we like about this helmet is that the shield can actually be removed from it. If you prefer to take off your shield and throw on a pair of goggles, you can easily unclip the shield from the helmet and get to riding. The shield on this helmet is independent of the visor and can actually be used with or without dropping down the visor in front of the face of the helmet.


One of the few drawbacks that this helmet-that-seems-to-have-everything has is that it is anything but quiet. With the 17-point ventilation system, you can expect that this helmet is going to be letting a lot of noise into the bucket while you are riding. Keep in mind that the noise factor is going to go up or down depending on how you choose to set your visor.

You are obviously going to be letting in more wind and ambient noise if you choose to take off the shield or visor and ride this with goggles instead. If you are shopping for a helmet that is going to shut out the noise of your bike and the road, this may not be the best choice for you. If you want something that lets you hear everything and you don’t mind the racket, then the FX-41 may still be on your birthday wishlist.


One of the aspects of this helmet that we really appreciated from the beginning is that it is well ventilated. With other helmets in this caliber, ventilation can be hit or miss. The AFX FX-41 has 17 points of ventilation between the chin, front, sides, and back which makes it one of the most well-ventilated helmets that we have seen in recent reviews. Chin area has a lot of ventilation. More aggressive chin vents on the top. Spoiler style vent in the back. The helmet is designed for summertime riding and more active riding that is going to wick sweat and create tons of ventilation throughout the entire interior of the helmet. This is going to give you a nice cooling effect even during the hot days of summer or while you are working up a sweat with more aggressive riding.

The inside of the bucket, beneath the liner, is well-channeled to give you plenty of ventilation and a massive cooling effect by allowing airflow throughout the deep and superficial aspects of the interior of the FX-41.


Has both DOT and ECE safety ratings. AFX make sure that this model was plenty safe enough for the aggressive riding conditions that they designed it for.


What are our thoughts in closing about the FX-41? Overall, we are going to stick by our initial statement. With all of the features that it offers and a sweet price point of under $200, it is hard to beat. With the very-slightly narrowed, round shape of this helmet, it can fit a lot of riders. The polycarbonate isn’t going to be as light as a carbon fiber helmet, but the FX-41 is also not as expensive. This isn’t a heavy helmet that is going to wear out your neck while you are riding.

If you are an aggressive rider and tend to do most of your riding during the late spring and summer, the expansive ventilation system and interior vented channeling on this helmet is going to keep you cool and comfortable. We would say that the level of airflow that you are going to get with this model is by far one of its greatest selling points.

The customization that you get with the shield and visor is another nice perk. The ability to take off the shield, throw on a pair of goggles, and take this helmet off-road is a really nice touch and something that makes this model unique. It is great for both road and off-road riding. 

Perhaps the only real drawback that we can spot with the FX-41 is that it is incredibly loud. If you are shopping for something that is going to cut ambient noise and muffle the sound of your bike, this is not the helmet that you are looking for.

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