AGV AX-8 EVO Review

by Alex Meyer

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The AGV AX-8 helmets were introduced several years ago, but have recently undergone an upgrade of sorts, transforming into the AX-8 EVO. TThis is actually a series of differently configured helmets that come with or without certain features, depending on whether you’re looking for a motorcross helmet or an adventure helmet. The basic construction of these helmets is the same, so we’re going to talk about them like they are all basically one helmet design, noting the differences only when needed.

AGV AX-8 EVO Solid Helmet , Size: 3XL, Distinct Name: Titanium Gray, Helmet Type: Full-face Helmets, Helmet Category: Street, Gender: Mens/Unisex, Primary Color: Gray 7611O4C0003012











Outer shell material : Composite shell (except pure carbon version)

Shell size

Liner : Fully removable and washable internal lining, made from what AGV call a Dri-Lex fabric that’s antibacterial and wicking.

Weight : 1.3 Kg

Pinlock : Visor included

Strap System : Double-d ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

The AX-8 EVO is made of an extremely lightweight yet tough composite material made from fiberglass, aramid and carbon that works to minimize impact energy and keep you safe. There is also a pure carbon version (you can tell the difference when shopping specific models because it will literally have “carbon” in the name) but other than that all shells basically come with the same standard composition.

The helmet is average in terms of shape -- not too round, not too oval -- so unless you have a head that is just really out there you shouldn’t have to worry too much about whether or not it feels okay.

The shell comes in three different sizes, and when you include the liner in the sizing you get a range from XS all the way to 3XL. So, there’s really no reason you can’t find the perfect helmet for your size and shape.

The inside lining is fully removable and washable, made from what AGV call a Dri-Lex fabric that’s antibacterial and wicking. In short, it keeps you dry and healthier than a regular lining might do. It can also be adjusted for fit.

Overall comfort

With the various sizing and adjustment options, this is a helmet that feels really good. Coming in at 1.3 Kg or just under three pounds this is also a very lightweight helmet, which is a bonus no matter what type of riding you have in mind. You practically won’t even notice it on your head!

To help make it even more comfortable, the removable liner is plush, without any of the material that can often cause itching and irritability after a long ride. As mentioned before, it wicks away moisture as soon as your body can produce it to help keep you dry and comfortable on those hotter days, as well.

Things I liked

  • Different models come with slightly different features depending on what you’re looking for.
  • The inner liner is both antibacterial and wicking, which helps keep you comfortable and dry
  • A good, comfortable fit

Things I don’t like

  • Different models can be noisier than others, and some users even reported whistling noises from the wind when using face shields.


Visibility isn’t a problem with this helmet. It’s not the greatest -- the front opening could stand to be slightly bigger, for example -- but it isn’t bad at all. It’s about on par with other helmets in this class. The included face shield is durable, rugged and easy to see out of, without any of that distortion that you can get from cheaper shields. It snaps easily and firmly into place. An included pinlock visor helps to keep fogging at a minimum, as well.

On some models (the Dual EVO) you can also find a sun peak that helps to keep glare away and improve your visibility even more.


The quietness of the AX-8 Evo is about average. Because quietness is really subjective it’s hard to give you a definite answer sometimes. What we think is quiet might seem extremely loud to someone else. This is certainly not the loudest helmet we’ve sampled, but it’s not the quietest, either.

And, of course, different AX-8 models can perform differently here. The Naked Duo comes without a sun peak, for example, which can reduce noise slightly since there is overall less resistance. Models with the face shield might clock in a little less noisy than their open-faced counterparts.


Ventilation is another factor that’s important to consider when riding. The AX-8 is, once again, about average in this respect, but varies slightly depending on which model you’re looking at. Most models begin with a chin vent. This vent opens and closes with sliders that are easy to use, even while gloved. All helmets also include two forehead vents, which some riders report are a bit tricker to use. One model -- the Dual Evo -- includes an extra vent on top of the helmet as well.

In the back you’ll find four rear exhaust ports, which help air and heat to exit the helmet after circulating through the shell.

It’s a pretty standard set up, really, and seems to do its job well.


All models of the AX-8 lineup are both DOT and ECE approved, which means they have passed the rigorous standards set in both America and Europe. So, safety shouldn’t be an issue. They have not been independently tested by Snell or Sharp, so it’s impossible to compare them to other comparable helmets. Still, you should feel pretty confident putting this helmet on before going off for a ride.


If it sounds like we’re not singing this helmet’s praises, just try and put things into perspective. This is a very good helmet. For where it stands, and with the mid-range price attached to it, you get exactly what you would expect: a decent helmet that does exactly what you need it to do. No less, but no more, really. There aren’t really any standout bells and whistles on the AX-8 series of helmets to set it apart, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you were looking for those exceptional features you probably wouldn’t be looking at this one.

However, if you’re looking for a good helmet that performs exactly as it should, then you could do a lot worse than the AGV AX-8.

We give this helmet an average rating of 80/100, which works out to 4/5 stars.

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