AGV AX-9 Carbon Review

by Alex Meyer

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In the crowded field of motorcycle helmets it’s really hard to stand out, but there are a few companies out there that have developed a reputation that is solid enough to be able to do exactly that, and AGV is one of them. Its recent AX( model has been turning heads (literally and figuratively) lately.

AGV’s AX9 helmet was promised as a massive improvement over the AX8 model. The AX8 wasn’t a bad helmet, but it did have some problems. AGV claimed to listen to customer feedback and make adjustments. The only questions are did they? And did they work?

In short: yes, and yes. The AX9 is a monster of a helmet that any serious riding enthusiast needs to check out. Don’t let the hefty price tag put you off: this helmet comes packed with extreme versatility and features that make that price tag seem almost reasonable, as long as you can afford it. Let’s unpack this helmet and see what’s what.

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AGV AX9 Street Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Carbon - XL - Extra Large

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AGV AX9 Street Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Carbon - XL - Extra Large

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AGV AX9 Street Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Carbon - XL - Extra Large











Outer shell material : Composite fibre and carbon versions

Shell size : 3 Shell sizes XS-MS, ML-XL and 2XL

Liner : Quad density polystyrene shock absorbing inner and multi-density liners

Weight : Composite version – 1.55Kg (3.4lbs), Full carbon version – 1.45Kg (3.2lbs)

Pinlock : Ready

Strap System : Double D-ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Depending on which model of the AX9 you go for, you can get this helmet in one of two versions: either one constructed of a composite fiber mesh that includes carbon, fiberglass and Kevlar, or you can spring for a full carbon-fiber model. Either way, you’re getting top-quality construction of only the finest available materials. These materials help keep your head safe even at high speeds and in dangerous conditions.

When it comes to shape, most AGV helmets tend to fall squarely in the oval range. They can be a little wider or narrower in various points depending on the specific helmet and size, but expect your AGV helmet to fit snugly with a little more room in the back.

The AX9 comes in three different shell sizes as well -- XS-XM, ML-XL and 2XL. Of course, each size then comes with more or less padding to conform to your specific size. The result is a snug fit, which can be made even snugger by tightly adjusting the double-D ring system to suit your individual needs. Don’t leave that ring system too loose, though, or you might find the helmet popping off of your head in a real crash situation.

Things I liked

  • High-quality, sturdy construction
  • High visibility
  • Pinlock-ready visor
  • Adjustable ventilation system

Things I don’t like

  • Average noise level is too much for an otherwise stellar helmet
  • Visual design is average

Overall comfort

Overall, the AX9 is a fairly comfortable helmet. If your head is a little rounder than usual you might experience some pinching in the front which can be bad, so definitely try it out before you commit. Some of that can be adjusted with reshaping the interior padding, but you definitely don’t want a helmet that is going to cause comfort problems down the road.


AGV brags about the size and clarity of its visor. So, do these boasts hold up? It’s certainly a large enough visor. We’re not 100% certain it reaches exactly to the claimed 190-degree horizontal and 110-degree vertical view, but you can definitely see plenty of road with this helmet.

It also comes Pinlock-ready, which is great for helping to keep your visor fog-free. For most of the world, your Pinlock insert is actually included in the box. For the US, however, it is not.

One design change from the AX8 to the AX9 is the sun peak. AGV made the sun peak a little larger, blocking out more of the sun and helping to reduce overall glare. The result is a very vision-friendly helmet that lets you see all that you need to see to stay safe.

The helmet and visor can also be easily adjusted for various road conditions. You can even remove the visor for goggles -- although larger goggles might not easily fit in the hole, so try them out before-hand!


If there’s one thing negative to say about this helmet -- and it’s not really even that negative -- it’s that the nose level of this helmet can best be described as, “meh.” It’s not bad, but it’s just not great, either. It comes in as solidly average, and while that in itself is okay, for a helmet that comes with so many features and innovations you would expect to get something more than just average when it comes to anything, really.


One main area where the AGV AX9 stands out from the pack is in its ventilation system. The AX9 comes with all of the standard ventilation ports you would expect -- chin scoop, front vents, etc. -- but they are all customizable The chin scoop can be adjusted to regulate air flow, and even comes with a handy filter to keep out dust and other particulates .This filter is removable as well. You can even close the chin scoop all the way with a handy internal closing mechanism. To improve visibility even more, the chin vent routes up behind the visor to help keep it de-fog when needed,

The top front vents are also adjustable and closable, and AGV claims that, overall, the AX9 has up to three times the ventilation of the older AX8 model. We’re not sure about that, but it certainly keeps you well-ventilated and gives you plenty of configurable options to boot!


The AX9 is both DOT and ECE certified, so you shouldn’t have any worries about safety. The carbon construction gives you a light-weight helmet that can withstand a heck of a beating, and the interior liner is a quad-density shock-absorbing unit that helps to reduce the impact of collisions and other problems.

Is this helmet safe? In a word, yes.


If you’re looking for a professional-grade helmet, look no further than the AGV AX9. There aren’t a lot of helmets out there that we can confidently say could be called “The last helmet you’ll ever need to buy,” but this one could definitely vie for that title. The few drawbacks of this helmet -- average noise level and basic visual design -- are more than made up for by the safety features and other options of this helmet.

When we look at everything this helmet has to offer, we give this helmet an average rating of 93.75/100, which works out to 4.7/5 stars.

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