AGV K5 Review

by Alex Meyer

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If you’re familiar with the Italian helmet brand AGV, you know that the company knows a thing or two about making comfortable helmets. Since 1947, the brand has become well-known in the touring world. In fact, most of its products are made for the racetrack. So, if you’re a high-performance rider, or you just like the feel of a professional-grade helmet, you’ll appreciate the styling of the K5. Not only does it look good, but it’s also one of the more comfortable options out there. 

Although this review will be of the K5, it’s worth mentioning that AGV released a newer model back in 2017, the K5S. The S model was designed to be a little more comfortable around the chin, although the original already felt like a dream. The other purpose of the additional padding was to provide more of a brace upon impact if the need ever arose. Also, the S-model came with a pin-lock anti-fog insert for those brisk morning commutes.

AGV K-5 S Adult Helmet - Matt Black/Medium/Large











Outer shell material : Carbon/fibreglass composite shell

Shell size : XS-XL (with MS & ML)

Liner : Dri-lex moisture wicking material

Weight : 1.55Kg

Pinlock : pinlock ready

Strap System : Double-D ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : 4 stars

Shape and materials

The primary purpose of the K5 helmet was to make something high-quality that was affordable to the masses. Since AGV is a touring company, most of the units sold are of a higher caliber. With this model, everyone could get a taste of what they were missing. Fortunately, even though the price point was lower than usual, the quality was still present. 

The shape of this helmet is incredible - you’ll feel like you just came off the track, no matter where you ride. Even those who prefer to hit the open road for pleasure will get a kick out of having such a sleek design. You can fool any of your peers into thinking that it’s the real deal. 

As with other AGV offerings, the K5 is made of composite materials and fiberglass. This combination ensures that it’s both lightweight and durable for high-impact situations. Remember, it’s built to keep your head safe on the racetrack, so it has to work in larger-than-life scenarios. 

When talking about the head shape, the K5 is an intermediate oval, so it should fit most riders. Unless you have a narrow head, there’s no reason you can’t get your dome into this helmet. It comes in many more sizes than most helmets, ranging from XS to XL. What makes it an even better fit is that AGV offers medium-small and medium-large sizes as well, so you don’t have to settle for “good enough.” To achieve this level of convenience, the K5 has two different shell sizes and four different liners. So, all you have to do is mix and match them to get the perfect fit. 

One exciting feature you’ll notice on the inside is a set of grooves for your glasses. Although this is a nice sentiment, it will take some getting used to. We highly recommend practicing a couple of times before hitting the road so that you don’t mess up your vision while riding.

Things I liked

  • Extra comfortable design
  • Sufficient size options for all riders
  • High-quality safety rating
  • Excellent visibility
  • Optimal wind balance and airflow

Things I don’t like

  • Vents can be hard to manage with gloves
  • Not the quietest helmet on the market

Overall comfort

More than anything, the number one compliment of the K5 is its comfortability. Compared to most other helmets out there, this model is head and shoulders above the rest. That does make the adjustments in the K5S seem a bit redundant, but surprisingly, the improvements are noticeable. According to the company, the main difference between the models is that the K5S doesn’t have any seams exposed.

Part of what makes this helmet such a pleasure to wear is the liner. It’s a proprietary material from AGV called Dri-Lex. Not only does the liner wick away moisture to help keep you cool, but it’s also fully removable and washable. Yes, these features are par for the course with motorcycle helmets, but they’re worth mentioning anyway. 

Another reason we think the K5 is so comfortable is its weight. At just under three and a half pounds, you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing a helmet at all. Sure, the visor will be a constant reminder, but once that’s flipped up, it’s easy to forget about the K5. 


The K5 off the shelf comes with two visors - a standard version and a tinted one. The main screen improves visibility by being wider than usual, allowing you to see out of your peripherals better. The sun visor isn’t as universally loved, but the primary complaint is that it’s too light. Unfortunately, since most countries have laws against too much tinting, that’s an industry problem, rather than a defect of AGV specifically. Also, some riders complain that the sun visor doesn’t fit tight enough around the nose. However, considering how it’s built for a range of faces, that’s to be expected. 

As we mentioned, the K5S comes with a pin-lock insert already. Some sellers will offer a free pin-lock with the original K5, but those are few and far between. That being said, the OG helmet is pin-lock-ready in case you’re interested. Be warned, though, that the insert can interfere with your line of sight when tucked in on your ride: a minor complaint, but something to keep in mind. 

Finally, the visor has a standard quick-release system that won’t stay on in a collision, and swapping it out is fast and efficient.


While comfort is the K5’s strong suit, it’s not necessarily built to be quiet. Again, since it’s a middle-of-the-road model built for affordability, it won’t win any awards. However, considering that a variety of factors can influence helmet noise, the K5 is about as average as it gets. Some riders complain that it’s too loud, while others say it’s whisper-quiet. 

Overall, we can say that it will let in some road noise, but it’s nothing a couple of earplugs can’t handle. If you’re riding without plugs, then you’re just putting your hearing at risk anyway.


And now we come to the part where AGV’s touring history comes into play. Since the company’s helmets are built for the track, they have to have superior ventilation. While we wouldn’t say the K5 is ultra-premium, it’s far better than most other road bikes out there. 

Since AGV tests its helmets in a wind tunnel, the brand knows how to funnel air through. There are two chin vents, two brow vents, and a crown vent in the K5. The shape of the unit is also designed to push air through these vents as efficiently as possible, which helps you cool down during your ride. Even when the weather is scorching, your face will feel pretty comfortable. 

A rear spoiler exhaust sucks the air out really well, and it’s closeable for those who care about such things. What we like most about the design of the ventilation is that it helps stabilize your head while you ride while providing cool comfort. 

If there are any complaints, it’s only that the front vents can be hard to manage with gloves on. However, in most cases, that’s a quick fix, so certainly not a dealbreaker. Only perfectionists would consider that a substantial black mark against the K5. 


Another benefit of having a helmet made by a touring company is that it’s going to be extra safe. AGV prides itself on being one of the safest brands out there, and the K5 (and K5S) continue that tradition. 

This helmet is both ECE and DOT certified, and it received four out of five stars from SHARP. While it hasn’t earned a SNELL rating, these other accolades are more than enough for us to approve of the K5. 

As we mentioned, AGV made this helmet more comfortable by offering multiple shell and liner sizes. These adjustments are also part of the reason why it's so safe. By having a properly-sized liner, you can be sure that your head won’t bounce around too much in a collision. Also, being made of fiberglass doesn’t hurt either. 


Considering how expensive most AGV helmets can be, the K5 is the creme-de-la-creme of affordable class. Despite its relatively low price point, we appreciate that you still get the same level of quality and comfort. Again, the K5 might not win any prestigious awards, but it’s perfect for riders of all skill levels. Whether you commute to work every day or just enjoy a lazy Sunday ride, this helmet is ideal for everyone. 

Also, if you compared other helmets with similar specs and safety ratings, you’d be amazed at the affordability of this model. In some sense, you’d be crazy not to buy it. 

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