Alpinestars Supertech M10 Review

by Alex Meyer

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If you’re into motocross or off-roading, you want a helmet that can make your riding as comfortable and safe as possible. Fortunately, Alpinestars has you covered with their latest offering - the Supertech M10.

What makes this helmet so desirable is that the company has spent years developing it. There was a time when Alpinestars made everything but a helmet, but fortunately, they have delivered an A-plus product that will make all motocross riders happy, from pros to newbies.

The substantial R&D lead time shows in a variety of ways with the Supertech M10, so let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Dyno Helmet-Matte Black/White-M











Outer shell material : multi-composite combination of 3K high-density carbon on the outer layer, a unidirectional carbon composite layer composite of high-density carbon

Shell size : XS - XXL

Liner : MIPS and Aramid fibers that houses an inner four-part multi-density EPS liner an4

Weight : 2.8 pounds


Strap System : Wider than certification requirement: 26 mm for comfort and produces with a woven poly yarn to give a soft ‘hand’ feel and connects securely with a double D-ring.

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

As a motocross helmet, the design of the M10 is superb, both in functionality and sizing. One of the best features of this product is the fact that it’s made out of carbon fiber. This material is much lighter than anything else out there, which helps reduce rider fatigue, particularly on longer moto trips. As a rider, you might not realize the difference that a pound or so makes, but once you start wearing the M10 compared to other helmets, you’ll begin to appreciate the carbon fiber construction.

In fact, this helmet has three distinct outer layers to provide the ultimate protection. First, it has 3K carbon - a high-density layer to absorb impact. It also comes with a unidirectional carbon composite layer to provide radial strength. Finally, the M10 has an aramid fiber layer, which helps prevent penetration.

Sizing is also much easier with this helmet, thanks to the different shells and liner options. Currently, you can get the Supertech in six different sizes from extra small to XXL. Better yet, because the shell changes with the size listed, the fit is so much better overall. Some helmets use padding to adjust between options, which isn’t ideal for motocross.

Another aspect of the M10 we liked is that it comes with a cavity for the AMA-mandated Hats Off Device, meaning that you get the fit you want without having to sacrifice safety and performance. The visor also breaks away immediately upon impact, so if you do wind up hitting the ground, you don’t have to worry about wrenching your neck backward from the visor.

One element of the M10 that a lot of motocross riders will appreciate is that you can adjust the angle at which the helmet sits on your head. Realistically, you won’t have to mess with the A-head feature very often, but it’s nice to know that it’s there, just in case. This way, if you ever change goggles, you can customize the helmet to match.

Things I liked

  • Lightweight yet durable carbon fiber
  • Adjustable sizing and fit options
  • Breakaway visor for safety
  • Moisture-wicking interior liner
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Multiple color and pattern options
  • Excellent ventilation for cooling

Things I don’t like

  • Mud can get into the front vents easily, clogging them
  • Not SNELL or SHARP tested

Overall comfort

We’ve covered a few of the ways that the Supertech M10 is extra comfortable while out on the trail or track. Let’s break down the options that will ensure you love wearing the M10 as much as you enjoy riding.

Interior Liner

There are a few reasons why we love this liner. First, we appreciate the fact that it comes with a customizable A-head adjustment feature, meaning that you can ensure the helmet fits your head correctly. Second, the Cool-Max material helps wick away sweat, even in the hottest conditions. For riders that like to hit the sand in the desert, they will appreciate how cool the helmet keeps them during the trip.

The liner also covers the whole interior of the helmet, including the base, to help absorb the impact around the collarbone. Overall, the M10 feels like a compression pillow for your whole head. Another reason for that feeling is the multi-density EPS foam inside. Alpinestars made sure to adjust the thickness of this material based on its position within the helmet so that you get extra protection where you need it and less bulk where you don’t.

Lightweight Design

If you haven’t experienced carbon fiber yet, you will marvel at how well it protects your head without adding any extra weight. At 2.8 pounds, you’ll sometimes forget that you’re wearing such a high-tech helmet at all. Neck fatigue usually isn’t a problem unless you’re riding for hours, but with the M10, it’ll never be an issue.

Adjustable A-Head Fit System

If you’re not familiar with this component, it works like this - a mesh netting attaches to four points within the helmet. If you move the pegs down (making it tighter), the helmet will sit higher on your head. Move them up, and you’ll have a deeper fit. Also, you can adjust the front or rear pegs only to make the M10 tilt backward or forward.

Having this kind of adjustability makes the Supertech much more accommodating to riders of all shapes and sizes. That, coupled with the four shell options, means that you won’t have to worry about this helmet fitting too tightly or loosely, which adds to the overall comfort.

Considering these three elements, you can feel incredible while wearing the Supertech. Compared to some of the other motocross models out there, the M10 is one of the most comfortable we’ve seen.


Since you’ll be wearing this helmet with motocross goggles, the overall visibility will depend largely on the type you use. As far as the M10 itself, it offers a wide field of view, making it an ideal choice for motocross riders of all skill levels. Also, thanks to the A-Head adjustment system, you can make sure that your goggles fit perfectly while also customizing how well the helmet sits back on your head.

Because your field of vision is so crucial while off-roading, Alpinestars has given you more than enough to help you see while you’re riding. Don’t worry about blind spots or obstacles getting in your way while you ride.


For the most part, the M10 is designed to help air flow through it, so trail noise is going to be relatively loud. However, compared to other motocross offerings, this helmet isn’t any noisier or quieter than what you’d expect. If you’re tearing up the track at full speed, you can expect to hear plenty of wind blowing through the M10. If you’re riding casually on the trail, it will stay relatively quiet.


Here is where Alpinestars’ years of development shine. In total, there are 19 intake and five exhaust vents, meaning that the airflow through this helmet is incredible. Riders have tested the M10 in hundred-degree weather, all without losing dozens of pounds of sweat by the end of the trip.

The shape of the visor also helps air come into the helmet, making it ideal for desert riders. Those that love tearing up sand dunes or rocky terrain will appreciate how well the Supertech keeps their heads cool.

To ensure that this model has the best ventilation, Alpinestars used heat maps to see which areas got the hottest and adjusted accordingly. There are also a couple of extra features that help make this one of the coolest (literally) helmets available.

  • Water Pack Integration - you can drink while you ride, thanks to the opening for a water tube. Those who love to ride for hours on end will appreciate being able to hydrate without having to remove the helmet.
  • Cool-Max Liner - this material not only wicks away moisture but absorbs it during your trip. Best of all, it stays comfortable after drying out, so you don’t have to worry about rubbing your cheeks raw afterward.


Although we would appreciate the Supertech M10 better if independent companies like SHARP or Snell tested it, this model is rated by both the ECE and the US Department of Transportation. We’ve already covered safety elements like the breakaway visor and the multi-density EPS liner. The three-layer carbon fiber shell also helps improve the overall safety of this helmet, as the material is perfect at absorbing and dissipating impacts.

Inside this helmet is a MIPS-like system, which helps keep the liner and the shell independent from each other. Multi-directional Impact Protection Systems (MIPS) is becoming more and more standard with motocross helmets, as it can help prevent a concussion. That being said, nothing can keep your head 100 percent safe all the time, so don’t assume that wearing this helmet will provide a no-concussion guarantee.

Overall, as with other parts of the M10, Alpinestars used the R&D to create one of the safest helmets we’ve seen. It has better features than other models out there, and it will do great in case you do wipe out on the trail.


For fans of Alpinestars gear, it’s nice to see that the company delivered a high-quality motocross helmet. We really appreciate the carbon fiber construction, as well as the fact that they have four unique shell sizes. While the design may not strike everyone’s fancy, it’s evident that Alpinestars knew what they were doing when developing the M10. The only complaints we’ve noticed were that mud can get inside more easily than other models, so keep that in mind if you like to get dirty while riding.

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