Arai Vector 2 Review

by Alex Meyer

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Looking for a versatile helmet that doesn’t break the bank? Arai set out to do just that with the Arai Vector 2. Though this is on the entry to mid-level entry end of motorcycle helmets, the Arai Vector 2 has plenty of features that any level of rider can appreciate

It is evident that Arai made it their mission to take the best parts and the weakness of the original Vector, and step up there game with the Vector 2. Just a few notable aspects of this helmet is that it has a single-piece, removable, easy to change the liner. What are the benefits of this? Arai integrated this liner design into this model so that can fit a broader riding audience. This opens up the helmet to fit well for intermediate oval head shapes as well as riders with rounder heads. The inner lining and padding are other notable upgrades, that make this helmet both cool and comfortable

Amongst that, they’ve added better ventilation, a wider visor for more visibility, and a tighter-fitting visor that eliminates noise while protecting your face from UV rays and any type of air or water leaks.

Arai Vector-2 Helmet (Black, Medium)











Outer shell material : Fiberglass Shell

Shell size : XS-2XL

Liner : fully removable lining

Weight : 3 lbs. 8-7/8 oz

Pinlock : Ready

Strap System : D-ring chin strap retainer system

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Very much a refinement of the original vector, a widely loved helmet. Entry and mid-ranged helmet for Arai. Not sacrificing quality or safety in getting a lower caliber helmet. Fewer features in the Vector 2 than other higher-tier helmets

A universal helmet that nails the basics really well, but doesn’t really capitalize on the racing or touring inspired features. This helmet can be great for a variety of riding conditions including ¾ position, and upright, and road touring as well.

Overall comfort

The shape is very similar to the original. There aren’t a lot of things that they’ve changed, but those changes have made a big difference. Snell 2010 and DOT certified. This model is around 20 grams heavier than the original model.

The fit on this helmet is different than many other Arai’s other models. This is part of their next-gen liner system. They have an advanced liner system that gives you the ability to change it from a fit that’s better for intermediate-oval heads, to change out the liner to make it better for a rounder-shaped head. We really like that this helmet is an affordable, versatile helmet that fits a lot of different head shapes, so it doesn’t exclude a lot of liners from wearing it. The key to changing the fit of the helmet is the integrated, removable temple piece

This helmet is all about making your liner and your riding experience as comfortable as possible. Arai has added a superior comfort liner to this helmet that is all in one piece. The entire inside of the helmet is lined with that single piece comfort padding, which is all constructed from sweat-wicking mesh, to keep you cool and comfortable while you are riding.

The free flow system at the front of the helmet (around the cheek pads) creates a nice channel to pull out your hot breath and filter in cool air from the outside of the helmet.

Things I liked

  • Quiet and cuts out whistling and noise
  • Well ventilated
  • Fits a variety of head shapes
  • Very comfortable
  • A big step up from the original Vector
  • Lightweight

Things I don’t like

  • No notable design or graphic aspects that make this helmet pop or stand out


SAI face shield. You are going to get about 5 mm of vision on either side, which significantly widens your peripheral vision. 5 mm may not sound like a lot of vision on either end, but you are going to be surprised at how much that 10 mm total makes a difference in adding to the total amount of visibility that you get with this helmet.

The shield is both UVA/UVB resistant so that you get plenty of protection from the sun while you are riding. You have a new shield slider design and gasket that provides for a tighter fit on your helmet. This gives the rider better protection from wind, water, and excess noise. Arai spent a lot of time on making sure that the shield integrates with the pucks on the side of the helmet in a way that makes it as airtight, safe, and aerodynamic as possible.


Another facet of this helmet that just about every rider will love is how insulated it is, particularly from noise. Arai made some serious upgrades to the ventilation, the visor, and the gaskets and openings surrounding the visor to keep as much sound and excess noise out as possible.

The visor logs snugly into place when it’s down and fits airtight to the front of the helmet. This prevents any excess air from sneaking in through the face of the helmet, eliminating any ambient sound or whistling from getting through.

The one thing that any rider worries about when they hear that a helmet is well-ventilated, is that it will come at the cost of being a really noisy model. That is not the case with the Arai Vector 2. Even with all of the ventilation options that you have on this model, they have done a great job with delivering a design that keeps you cool while eliminating as much noise as possible.


You have some large air intakes in the front that come through the eyelids that vents the brow and temple really nicely. It has an adjustable chin vent that vents your face while the other piece of the vent fills out toward the shield. You also have an adjustable vent on top of the helmet. When it’s close, you can cut out a decent amount of wind noise, while still making sure that the top of your helmet is aerodynamic. When it is open, you are going to notice some more whistling and noise coming into the helmet, but that top vent is also going to keep your head substantially cooler while riding.

There’s a lot of great rear ventilation on this helmet as well. The back of the helmet has a winglet with vents that creates the perfect vacuum for pulling warm air out of the helmet, while filtering lots of cool air from the front, out the back. This gives you a lot of great circulation through the entire interior of the helmet for keeping your head cool during hot summer days when you are out riding.

 This is one of those subtle improvements that Arai has made to this model that go a long way in making for a higher-performance helmet and a more comfortable riding experience. There’s a diffuser on the back, the underside of the helmet that gives you even more ventilation toward the back of your head.


Even with the ventilation and the lightweight, you are not sacrificing any of the safety elements of this helmet. This is a complex shell laminate construction. The materials of this helmet make it equally as sturdy, durable, and safe as other heavier materials, but at a lighter weight than other models. It isn’t going to be as light as something like carbon fiber, but you are going to get a safety helmet at a lighter weight.


Overall, this is one of Arai’s least specialized helmets. That being said, this is one of their most versatile helmets in terms of the features that it has at this price point, and the variety of head shapes that it can fit at a price point around $400.

You probably picked up on the fact that Arai didn’t make a ton of flashy improvements with this helmet, adding a lot of bells and whistles to it. What they did do is make some serious, functional, performance, and comfort-based improvements that make this model a big step up from the original Arai Vector.

Versatility really is the word that we would use for the Arai Vector 2. In being a comfortable fit for most riders and a design that makes it great for a lot of different types of riding, this is a great one-stop-shop helmet.

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