Arai XD-4 Review

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The Arai XD-4 is a versatile helmet that can work well for a lot of different riders. It has three different configurations that you can use, giving it a modular feel and design that can fit just about any riding preference or environment.

This is a dual-sport helmet that looks like a dirtbike helmet but is excellent for taking both on and off road. It uses a lot of high-end features that you can get out of Arai’s other helmets and offers high performance and versatility at a reasonable price. It is SNELL and DOT rated, which means that you are going to get plenty of added protection with this helmet. Thankfully, that protection doesn’t come with added weight in the helmet. The XD-4 is made with one of the most exotic shell blends that Arai offers in their helmets, which includes a blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass and a variety of resins that make this model durable and lightweight.

You have a shield and peak, and you can run either or both of those at the same time, or completely strip down your helmet if you want to wear it with goggles and go a little more minimal in terms of look and function.

Arai XD4 Helmet (Black, Medium)











Outer shell material : Polycarbonate

Shell size : XS,SM,MD,LG,XL, 2XL, 3XL

Liner : moisture-wicking lining

Weight : 1.56Kg

Pinlock : No

Strap System : Double-D ring

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : 3 stars

Shape and materials

The Arai XD-4 is a substantial step up from the XD-3. Arai has made some refinements and improvements on this helmet that make it look even better than its predecessor the XD-3, but Arai made more improvements to this helmet than just making it look like an upgraded model. They also greatly improved the balance and aerodynamics of this model to make for lower wind resistance and also making it a more comfortable fit. Even with small changes on this helmet vs. the XD-3, they changed the center of gravity on the construction for a more balanced shell.

They have added brow vents to the shell of the XD-4 to give you an increased level of ventilation through the front of the helmet. This makes the helmet great for either cool or hot weather riding, working to keep the rider cooler during hot and humid summer riding.

The shell is made of Super CLC, which you are also going to see in many other Arai models. It is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and a variety of resins that make the helmet lightweight, while also making it incredibly durable and protective. The Super CLC is actually one of the second most exotic shells that they use with this caliber helmet. The great thing about Arai helmets is that the base construction and shell components don’t vary that largely from model to model. They are all made with high-quality materials, living up to high protection and safety standards. The differences between models come in the details and features that offer slight tweaks and changes to accommodate different types of riders.

Things I liked

  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Premium comfort liner and padding.
  • Versatile design and configurations.
  • SNELL and DOT safety ratings.

Things I don’t like

  • Fairly loud.
  • Lots of moving parts.

Overall comfort

You have an emergency cheek pull system with new and improved comfort features that make these cheek pads far more comfortable than other models. This is with Arai’s newer style cheek pad with softer and more comfortable coating. They use multiple densities and layers of foam in the cheek pads to give you a more contoured seal around your face. This makes for a tighter and more comfortable fit while giving your cheek pads more durability for longer wear and longer overall life of your helmet. You even have a 5 mm range of adjustability to be able to tune the cheek pads and the helmet to the perfect fit, without having to go up or down in the size of the helmet.

Another upgrade to the comfort of this helmet is the comfort liner. The comfort liner is high-end, which is in line with the newer Arai helmets. They incorporate another 5mm of comfort foam in the comfort liner to give you even more padding and comforter, throughout the top of your helmet. It also has really nice wicking material inside of the helmet that you can clean or rinse off easily and quickly.


The Arai XD-4 comes with a full UV-resistant locking face shield that gives you plenty of visibility through the mask. You have plenty of visibility out of the top and bottom of the shield as well as the peripherals. The only drawback to the shield is that you can only have it fully open or closed. It does not have the ability to keep it partially open.


Anytime you see this kind of ventilation on a motorcycle helmet, you can expect it to be loud. Even with the comprehensive ventilation system that this helmet incorporates on virtually every exterior and interior surface, the thick interior padding still keeps this helmet relatively quiet.


The brow vents on the XD-4 are a nice addition and upgrade, and something that does not come on the XD-3 model of this helmet. These brow vents provide ample ventilation that filters right into channels that push air directly to the far head. This is a really nice addition for adding cooler filtration and funneling throughout the helmet.

The chin vent is something else that Arai upgraded from the XD-3 to the XD-4. They added two extra vents on the chin vent to let even more air in through the front of the helmet. They have some nice chimney scoops on the top of the helmet that make it easy for you to open or close, adding additional ventilation and airflow through the top of the helmet.

If you take a look at the back of the helmet, you will notice that you have two large diffusers on the back of the helmet that cover two separate 10mm vent holes. This not only works to make the helmet more aerodynamic, but also helps to keep cool air flowing throughout the helmet. These vent holes on the back diffusers suck cool air through the front of the helmet and give it a clear passage to escape out the back of the helmet. This of course works to keep the rider cool while decreasing wind resistance. Those two small holes in the back make a huge difference when it comes to adding cool air and ventilation to the helmet. You even have winglets on the side, toward the rear of the helmet, that provide for extra aerodynamics and stability while adding more additional ventilation to this helmet.

You have an adjustable chin curtain for both comfort and protection. You also have a slider inside of the chin piece that you can slide open that gives you the ability to give you even more ventilation for pulling warm, moist air out of the helmet.


This helmet is both DOT and SNELL rated. It provides a maximum amount of protection while still affording the rider both durability and comfort. The thick comfort liner along with the cheek pads add plenty of additional protection for the rider on the front, top, sides and back of the helmet.


This is a versatile and high-performance helmet, suitable for a lot of riders, terrain and styles of riding. If you are an aggressive off road rider, this model is loaded with ventilation all-around the helmet to keep you cool and refreshed while riding. The comfort liner and cheek pads inside of the helmet provide plenty of protection and comfort. They also give you the ability to fine-tune and adjust the fit of your helmet without having to worry about going up or down a whole size, in order to get a better fit.

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