Bell Eliminator Review

by Alex Meyer

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Bell Helmets is a popular high-end helmet manufacturer, and their Eliminator model gets a lot of praise for its stylish look and excellent ventilation. The helmet's shell is made from a lightweight composite material that ensures durability while keeping the helmet as light as possible. 

The Bell Eliminator is new to the helmet market, and it’s a sleek design with a classic throwback flair. But is style everything in life? Motorcyclists are known for having very intense opinions on helmet design, and the Bell Eliminator is no exception. It’s a very modern, futuristic-looking helmet, with a strange, almost triangular visor.

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BELL Eliminator Street Helmet - Gloss Black - Medium

BELL Eliminator Street Helmet - Gloss Black - Medium











Outer shell material : Polycarbonate/Fiberglass

Shell size : XS-XXL

Liner : Antimicrobial and fully removable and washable

Weight : 3lbs (1.35Kg)

Pinlock : ProVision anti fog system

Strap System : Double-d ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

The Eliminator has a helmet shape that's a little thicker than other designs in the company's lineup. The chin bar is beveled, with the two main sections of the helmet being a black outer shell and a red inner portion, forming the crown. 

The head restraints on the Eliminator are adjustable for head size, with Velcro straps on both sides. Eliminator Helmet Features The Bell Eliminator helmet uses a two-piece EPS liner with an updated liner that's more ventilated than the one on the Moto X. 

The EPS liner comes with three adjustable cheek pads, four inner ear vents, and four raised lips on the outer shell that allows extra air from the helmet’s rear. There's a hook-and-loop retention system that makes it easy to strap on your helmet, and a removable chin strap.

Overall comfort

The Bell Eliminator is a helmet designed for sport riding. It is very comfortable and the ventilation is awesome. The helmet itself is very light weight and it is designed to be held firmly in place on your head. 

At the back of the helmet, there’s a little bit of a spoiler built in to it and the front of the helmet has a nice shape to it. The padding in this helmet is great and it adjusts to your head. 

The cheek pads also offer a little bit of a buffer so that your cheeks don't press up against the inside of the helmet.

Another contributor to the comfort is the removable liner that is washable and adjustable. The inside padding was also highly praised by the consumers.


Our test helmet came in black, with the standard black visor and bright red accents. My initial impression of the helmet was that the bright red lines made it difficult to see at times when I looked to my left or right. There are other visors available as options. Overall, the viewing angles seem to be excellent, and glare is not a problem. 

The helmet was a very clean and fresh looking (if a little hot) helmet. The nice thing about the look and color scheme is that you can add a tinted visor if you prefer, or an extended one if you want to add additional airflow into the helmet.

Visibility Special Section: The Provision Anti Fog System

Fogging is a common issue when you ride a motorcycle. While riding, the temperature inside the helmet will be at least 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. This is due to the fact that the air flow of the helmet's ventilation system will bring in room temperature air and heat up inside the helmet.

The Bell Eliminator Helmet’s full-face design really has a lot of great features. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Eliminator is a patented feature called the Provision anti fog system. (It’s patented, so Bell is the only company who can provide it.) This system is designed to help the Eliminator’s face shield clear fog and moisture, so that you can always see clearly while riding.


If there's a catch to the Bell Eliminator, it's in its micrometer-precise ventilation system. Since it was designed to be very aerodynamic, the vents work differently from most helmet vents; they're directional instead of cross-directional. 

The helmet has several open ventilation holes on top. While this is great for ventilation, some users will experience road noise due to this design. 

Of course, there is plenty of room to use a bluetooth system for audio/communication, that can reduce any external noise. But the bottom line is this: We find that due to its design, the helmet is not all that quiet.


The Bell Eliminator has a large, multi-chamber air-channeled venting system that ensures quick and efficient airflow. The airflow routes around the entire helmet, so there are no obstructions or sharp edges that could keep air from reaching a rider's helmet to cool it off. 

The vents are housed in slits in the side panels that run along the entire helmet, not just on the face. The slits provide easy access, even when a helmet is sealed shut. 

The only issue I had with the air flow is that at times the airflow got blocked when I was riding through higher-altitude (and hotter) areas. I'd try to open the helmet a little, but it was so hot it would simply slam back closed, and I'd have to pull the visor out to adjust the airflow a little.

Ventilation Special Section: Eliminator Forced Air

One of the very few helmets specifically designed to help you breathe cleaner air, the Eliminator Forced Air is something altogether different. The helmet has a built-in air induction port. 

The ports allow for the hookup of an air pump so you can get fresh air when you need while riding. This is especially useful if you live or drive around smoggy cities and industrial areas.

Things I liked

  • Cool two-tone styling Excellent ventilation
  • Comfortable fit Good style options
  • The high-quality shell is one of the best on the market, and the overall comfort and fit is top notch.
  • The bottom of the helmet is ridged for added protection and airflow
  • The bottom of the helmet has a special "tunnel" on the visor to reduce windblast and provide additional ventilation, as well as a nice padded bridge and chin bar.
  • Eyeglass friendly
  • 3D online configurator to customize your helmet before purchasing

Things I don’t like

  • Road noise will occur due to the helmet’s ventilation design
  • From the first time you put it on, you'll notice that the Helmet Eliminator doesn't fit like other helmets, with an unusual raised beveled edge that goes down around your temples. This beveling does make the helmet quite a bit thicker around the top of the head. It does cause some problems with the fit, depending on the shape of your head
  • The beveled edge is something of a double-edged sword, as it gives the helmet a bit more stability, but on the downside, it may cause some discomfort as it rubs against your ears. With that said, the helmet offers a wide enough brim to be useful for several different helmet sizes, and the raised edges provide good ventilation 
  • Size 3XL is no longer available


The Bell Eliminator is designed to provide maximum protection for the head and neck without restricting movement. The shield-style chin bar and retention straps make for a comfortable fit, as does the well-padded crown for added comfort and safety. 

All of the straps and retention mechanisms feature easy-to-use quick-release button systems that eliminate the need for bulky, clunky helmet racks. 

The Eliminator features a dual density EPS construction. This means the helmet can be properly molded and contoured to your head to provide maximum protection in crashes. This single piece construction also helps dissipate impact force.

The helmet is also DOT certified. It’s also fully ECE certified.


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Whether you're looking for a matte or glossy helmet, with a built-in visor or one you can detach, Bell's Eliminator gives you plenty of options to create a stylish and functional helmet. 

With the Eliminator helmet, we found that the dual-sided vents can be a real advantage for riders who are constantly riding around with wet hair, as they help to dry the helmet quickly. 

The Bell Eliminator is the ideal helmet for riders who demand the best-of-the-best comfort, ventilation, and style. With its modern two-tone styling and intuitive two-stage visor, this is a helmet you will want to take everywhere you ride and put on for every ride. The Eliminator helmet is not perfect, but it’s still a highly capable and highly recommended helmet.

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