Bell Rogue Review

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Shark Raw or Bell Rogue, the "Most Badass Helmet" award goes definitely to one of this two. This is quite a particular helmet. It is originally a half helmet, but it incorporates a lower section made of foam that extends until the upper neck.That is where the muzzle attaches to the helmet. This is a love it or hate it helmet.

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Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, XX-Large)

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Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, XX-Large)

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Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, XX-Large)











Outer shell material : composite material

Shell size : XS - 2XL


Weight : 3.03 lbs


Strap System

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

This peculiar helmet has a round oval shape and overall just above average comfort feel. The padding and liner used are good although nothing like what we would find on a Shoei or Arai. Liner is removable and washable.

The earpockets are big enough to fit most intercoms and are nicely padded. Fitting eyeglasses or goggles is very easy.

The lower section of the helmet is made of foam and although hard, it won't offer as much protection on impact as a traditional 3/4 helmet would as it doesn't have a hard outer shell. It does reduce the noise a lot vs a traditional half helmet so that's an advantage.

The muzzle isn't intended to provide protection on impact. It does offer protection agains debris, wind, sand etc. It incorporates a layer of removable padding that attaches with Velcro to the muzzle. Four of us tested the helmet and found that it touched our noses in a very annoying way so being able to remove it is great. Once removed, the helmet is very comfortable.

The attachment system is made by Fidlock and is magnetic. It won't stand a big hit but for riding at any speed is safe.

Things I liked

  • Pure Badasserie.
  • The Muzzle. 
  • Quieter and more comfortable than most half head helmets
  • Quality of build

Things I don’t like

  • Plugging the Muzzle is complicated the first times.
  • The padding on the Muzzle tends to be uncomfortable.
  • Price
  • No ventilation on top


Visibility in this helmet is very good. The muzzle does interfere a bit in the field of view although not as much as we would find on a full face helmet. Peripheral vision is maximal.

Ventilation and Noise

Ventilation on the face area is maximal, the muzzle reduces slightly the face-hitting part. On the top of the head, it is another story. No ventilation ports keep the outer shape undisturbed but the head will get warm on really hot days.

Noise levels are the average for a open face helmet, and much less than what we would have on a half helmet thanks the lower part on the back. We would expect the muzzle to add noise although it isn't the case which is great. 


This badass helmet seems like the wet dream of a designer that somehow made into production. You do pay for the exclusive looks and that's the only thing that explains the price. For the overall quality and comfort, it is overpriced but that's what exclusivity costs. It weights 3 pounds, uses double D rings as a chin lock system and the manufacturer offers 5 years warranty. 

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