GMax GM65 Review

by Alex Meyer

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When you first look at the GMax GM65 helmet, it is pretty cool. It is available in both black and white. Even though they are neutral colors, the helmet still looks pretty neat with the flat, gloss paint job. This men’s half-helmet has high-quality materials to protect you on the road. It is clear that manufacturers did not cut corners when it came to providing the best comfort. This GMax helmet is for those with a long oval head shape, but it could very well fit other head shapes.

Founded in 1999, GMax Helmet LLC dedicates their time to developing helmets for the powersports industry. This Idaho-based business has spent years in the industry, so they know what riders are looking for. You only need to take a quick look at this helmet to see that the company’s commitment to safety, quality and comfort shines through with the GMax GM65.

GMAX GM65 Full Dress Adult Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Flat Black/Large











Outer shell material : High quality painted shell

Shell size : x-small-XX-Large

Liner : Removable and washable comfort liner made with Coolmax moisture-wicking material

Weight : 2.11 lbs

Pinlock : No

Strap System : Double D helmet retention system

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes



SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

This helmet is for those with a long oval head, so if you have that type of head then this will be comfortable in all the right places. It is low profile, so you do not have to feel like a mushroom head. This men’s helmet comes in a variety of sizes from small and extra small, and all the way to extra extra large. This helmet is lightweight with its dual-density EPS styro material.

Overall, this helmet weighs out at two pounds and one ounce. Made out of a thermo-plastic poly alloy shell, this half helmet protects your head with the highest quality of materials. The straps on this stylish helmet is an easy D retention system, easy to use, yet secure. Manufacturers have put a lot of time into designing the perfect men’s helmet, and they did not take any shortcuts when determining the look. It comes in a sleek black or white gloss finish with various designs. That way, you can pick the one that perfectly fits your style.

Overall comfort

According to reviewers, this helmet fits comfortably for long periods of time. It fits quite snugly and is great for long rides. Manufacturers thought of everything to ensure the helmet is snug. There is also a removable, snap-on neck curtain for those colder rides.


There is pretty good side-to-side visibility. This helmet has a built-in tinted visor. One great aspect of this visor is that it retracts right into the front of the helmet, making it protected from scratches and such. This eye protection will help you see clearer during those sunny days. An added bonus is that unlike most half-helmets with a visor, GMax includes a clear visor for night driving and cloudy days.

These visors are not spring-loaded. The manufacturers kept ease of use in mind when they designed the UV protection visors because they can be replaced or switched out without any tools. If you choose not to use the retractable visor, then that is okay because sunglasses or eyeglasses will fit perfectly with this helmet.


This helmet does a pretty good job when it comes to quietness, especially for the price. Overall, the aerodynamics of this men's helmet are great. Some users have complained that it is not very quiet, making it difficult to hold conversations when you are on the road with someone.

Things I liked

  • It does not put too much pressure on your forehead.
  • Washable and removable liner.
  • Airflow is really good.
  • You get to feel the wind in your face.
  • Large selection of graphic options.
  • Known for being very comfortable.
  • comes with two visors, a tinted one and a clear one for cloudy days, night time, etc.

Things I don’t like

  • Not known for its quietness.
  • Has a hard time conforming to all head shapes, known to fit narrow.
  • The pull-down visor needs to come down further according to some reviewers.
  • Wind can catch it, pulling it up at high speeds. *That could be due to the way the helmet fits.


GMax’s manufacturers know how to make a universal helmet for all kinds of weather, especially on those hot days. This half-helmet has premium ventilation at the top of the head and offers superior airflow. Designers went a step further to equip the liner with Coolmax, moisture-wicking material. This special coolmax material is for taking away moisture from your head, letting it dry quickly.

We all know how dirty helmets can get after hours upon hours of wear, so the liner can be removed and washed. These measures are to ensure you experience the highest level of ventilation and cleanliness while wearing this helmet. Because of the style of a half helmet, the GMax GM65 allows you to feel the wind on your face when racing down the road. Who does not love that feeling?


GMax Helmets LLC has always striven to develop its helmets so they were DOT approved. The GMax GM65 is no exception. You do not have to worry about your safety or those of your loved ones when you are on the road. It has not been S.H.A.R.P. tested, which would be an added bonus if it were. It is also a “no” on the S.N.E.L.L. testing.


If you have gotten to this point in this article, you know this helmet has a lot to offer at a pretty reasonable price. Considering the ideal cost and the loads of features it has, you will for sure get your bank for the buck. The GMax GM65 helmet is for rough riding at high speeds. It will protect you during sunny days with the shaded 100% ultraviolet protection visor and keep you cool with the moisture-wicking liner. It has also got your back, or should we say head, in the winter with a neck curtain to warm your neck and a clear visor to keep snowflakes out of your face. It looks cool and does a good job at protecting you. What more could you want?

Even after reading this article, you may still be on the fence about making this purchase. It is understandable, since a helmet is the most important part of protective gear. You do not have to take our word for it. To help you make the most educated decision, here is a link to a video review by Riders Domain of the GMax GM65 and how it stands up against eleven other half face helmets currently on the market. Click here to watch the video now.

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