HJC CS-2N Review

by Alex Meyer

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The HJC CS-2N is a simple, no-nonsense helmet that’s perfect for taking a spin on a warm, sunny day. This no-frills helmet offers a basic level of protection, and if that’s all you’re looking for, then this might be the helmet for you.

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If you’re looking for a helmet that offers tons of options or works in multiple weather conditions, then this is not the helmet for you. However, for a basic helmet that comes at a basic price, you could do a lot worse than the HJC CS-2N.

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HJC Helmets 408-615 CS-2N Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)

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HJC Helmets 408-615 CS-2N Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)

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HJC Helmets 408-615 CS-2N Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)











Outer shell material : Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic alloy shell

Shell size : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 

Liner : Plush, brushed Nylex interior

Weight : 2.3 Lbs

Pinlock : No

Strap System : Nylon strap retention system neatly secures chin strap

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes



SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

This helmet is constructed of a lightweight thermoplastic alloy that protects its wearer from bumps and bruises in all but the harshest conditions. Its half-helmet design leaves the front open (without a face shield) but fully covers the back and sides. Its intermediate oval shape fits most heads, and it comes in multiple shell sizes with a plush nylon interior liner, so you can find the perfect size for you.

Its overall appearance can be described as sleek and basic, although it does come in a variety of colors, including white, black, silver and wine (which is a deep red).

Overall comfort

This is a basic helmet with a basic level of comfort that comes with it. That doesn’t mean that HJC has completely ignored the concept of comfort, however. The inside liner is plush, so you can expect a snug but comfortable fit. A removable zip-out neck curtain provides some insulation from the elements. Other than that, though, there isn’t much in the way of creature comforts in the HJC CS-2N.

Things I liked

  • Very affordable
  • Removable neck curtain
  • Front vents for extra air flow

Things I don’t like

  • Not ECE, SNELL or SHARP tested
  • No face shield to block out foreign objects


Because there’s no face shield, fog is never an issue with the HJC CS-2N. That’s the good news. The problem is that this makes this helmet one that can’t be worn in all conditions or all weather. As long as you are aware of this going into your purchase, though, this should never be an issue. The opening in this helmet provides the wearer with a large field of view, so really, visibility with this helmet is basically perfect -- under regular conditions.

In an effort to provide something extra, though, HJC has an included a handy, aerodynamic visor that helps to keep direct sunlight out of the driver’s eyes.


Don’t expect a quiet ride with the HJC CS-2N. This is an open helmet, so other than a minimal amount of padding and shielding, there’s nothing to keep out noise from the road and the ride. The good news is that HJC has tried to design a helmet that doesn’t add to the overall noise.

ITs sleek construction and aerodynamic design helps it move through the air without stirring up much in the way of turbulence So, you might hear a lot of exterior noise, but you won’t hear the helmet.


You might not realize it, but even an open-faced helmet like the HJC CS-2N needs extra ventilation at times. The two vents conveniently placed in the forehead help this by moving air through the interior of the helmet to help cool parts of the head that don’t benefit from the open-faced design. They are moderately effective, but their lack of customization means that thre is only so much relief that these vents can provide.


The HJC CS-2N is rated safe by the DOT, but has not been tested by any other agency. However, the DOT approval means that this helmet has been tested and been found safe for all normal conditions. The open face design does leave the face and eyes of the wearer more vulnerable to dust, pebbles and other outside materials, but those are outside of the DOT’s scope. All in all, though, you can expect a safe ride from the HJC CS-2N.


If this seems like a basic, no-frills helmet, that’s because it is. That doesn’t mean that this helmet should be ignored, however. For those looking for a basic helmet that won’t break the bank, check out the HJC CS-2N.

When we look at everything this helmet has to offer,, we give it an average rating of 81.25/100, which works out to 4.06/5 stars.

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