Klim F4 Review

by Alex Meyer

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Klim isn’t known for the most flashy designs or for being a household name. But it is known for a quality piece of equipment that is fairly priced for what it is worth. They don’t concern themselves with the aesthetic aspects such as designs or colors all that much because they choose to channel their energy into perfecting the function over the fashion. So if you’re looking for something that is a little more bling minded, sorry, this might not be the helmet for you. But if you are looking for a helmet that is well priced and can keep your head safe and cool, you might want to keep reading.

The Klim F4 helmet is a lightweight helmet. So much so that you may be surprised when you initially pick it up. Rest assured that the quality of the helmet is actually impressive and very safe. It makes it even more impressive that a quality piece of equipment is so light and doesn’t have to be heavy and clunky. In comparison to other helmets on the market, the Klim F4 is lighter in weight and on the larger side in size. If you’re interested in purchasing this helmet, size down from your usual go to size. You may also notice that even for a premium helmet this is at a much lower price point than other helmets available to you on the market.

Klim F4 Helmet Snell/DOT Matte Black Adult 2XL











Outer shell material : fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar®

Shell size

Liner : moisture-wicking, padded liner

Weight : 2.5 lbs


Strap System

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

As an off road helmet, this helmet has a pretty out there shape. It’s meant to be worn with goggles. There are also a lot of ridges which are the vents of the helmet. The grooves and the ridges are deeper in order to let air move through more room in order to keep your head cool.

This particular model is known as an intermediate oval shape, which is more inclusive of many types of head shapes. The liners within the helmet have been done to be super soft so that your face can be gently protected by the helmet while wicking away sweat that you may be building up.

Things I liked

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lots of customizability in terms of fit
  • Lightweight
  • Incredible quality for price

Things I don’t like

  • Not much design variety
  • Noisy

Overall comfort

You’ll notice that the helmet comes with many types of pads that can be easily detached or adjusted. When it comes to sliding it on, you should be able to say that the fit is snug and not necessarily tight. Again, this helmet runs larger when it comes to being put on heads, so look to size down one size.

Because of the lightness of the material and the emphasis on ventilation, you’ll notice that the helmet is light on the head and neck as well. There won’t be as much strain on your head and neck so you can continue to ride for longer without having any kind of pain or irritation hindering your experience.


The visibility of the helmet is pretty great. The eyeport is big and the head shape is pretty slim, yet it can still fit most goggles. Visibility is no real issue here as the helmet literally does not get in your way.


The helmet isn’t quiet. There’s a lot of air flow which keeps your head cool, but the trade off with this feature is that you’ll hear a lot of rushing wind and your engine and general road noise. It isn’t the noisiest helmet on the market, yet, it’s a definite trade off to consider when weighed against the ventilation. Perhaps you could invest in some earplugs if quietness and ventilation are both things that are really important to you.


This helmet is one of the best when it comes to ventilation. There are vents all over, which helps lighten the weight of the helmet itself and keeps your head cool. 41 vents in total. There are vents on the chin and along the jawline and a venting scheme along the brow as well that help keep your goggles fog free.

If you ride in a particularly hot climate, something like this would be the most ideal to wear. If you live in a more seasonal climate with a larger variety of weather, the helmet comes with a liner that you can attach. There are cold weather attachments that come with the purchase of the helmet. Depending on what season you’re riding in, you can fine tune this helmet to what you’re looking for at the moment.


All new models of the F4 have been ECE and DOT approved. When it comes to SNELL and SHARP, there is no official certification.


This helmet gets a 90/100 overall. The fact that you get so much for your money when Klim could easily be charging more gives the helmet our respects. Plus, you’ll never be sweaty or too cold with the excellent ventilation and the cold weather liners that come with the helmet itself. Don’t expect anything flashy or tremendously original design wise, but do expect an all around great helmet.

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