LS2 Challenger Review

by Alex Meyer

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Designed by the auto industry company Johnson Manufacturing, the Challenger’s unique hexagonal helmet shell design does away with the typical multi-piece, 5-piece construction of most motorcycle helmets. 

Instead, this shell is made of an outer shell and a new layer of high-impact polystyrene. That means less weight in the motorcycle and more protection for your head in case of an accident. 

At just 3.32 pounds, the LS2 Challenger isn’t heavy at all, especially compared to some of the other helmets of its size. It’s only slightly larger than other popular helmets in this size range, and that’s easily overlooked. 

It features a tough look and offers excellent protection in the front and side impact area, as well as a gel liner to keep your head cool and comfortable.

Is the LS2 really all that? Are there other more qualified helmets that are superior? Check out our review article about the LS2 Challenger Helmet.

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Overall rating:


Outer shell material : Fiberglass, Carbon, Carbon Fiber

Shell size : XS – XXXL

Liner :  EPS liner

Weight : 1.50 kg (3.32 lbs)

Pinlock : Pinlock Ready Visor

Strap System : Double D-ring Strap

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

No matter what you see on the street, helmets are very often a compromise between protection, style, comfort and style. Some don’t fit or have poor design, while others use materials that may or may not be of the best quality. 

At LS2 helmets, they strive to offer the best at a reasonable price, and the Challenger is the latest to join their stable. The Challenger is the first in their line of motorcycle helmets, offering a total of five different products to meet the needs of motorcycle riders.

When we first saw this helmet, we were intrigued and impressed with it’s smooth and compact design. The visor of the LS2 helmet (weighing in at 3.32 pounds) is large and clear and has a patented visor design that is quite popular with many motorcycle riders. 

The helmet uses a super strong composite outer shell, with dual-density EPS foam inside. It uses a double cage construction to increase impact protection. 

When we first took the helmet out of the box, we immediately noticed the spacious interior, with a roomy, open air liner. It can comfortably fit additional ear protection or communication systems with no problem.

The inner shell is said to be a patented design that changes shape based on the user’s head size.

Things I liked

  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Very nice styling
  • Lots of protection features such as the rather thick EPS foam

Things I don’t like

  • Some do not like the liner seam in the middle, as it chafes their forehead
  • Helmet gets a bit sweaty at times
  • Helmet shape may be a bit narrow for some heads

Overall comfort

The liner is soft and comfortable and never harsh. Our only gripe about it was that after several months of use, the liner came unglued. 

Before you judge, we have to let you know that we thoroughly test helmets at a more aggressive pace than someone would use a helmet for everyday use. This seemed to be a one time thing and we’ve never heard of the problem from any of our readers. We had no problems with the replacement unit.

Compared to other helmets, the Challenger Motorcycle Helmet feels relatively light on the head. This may be due to the fact that it has a very solid lining that does not compress during vigorous riding. 

However, the liner does get extremely sweaty, which can be a problem if you ride in a hot climate. Nevertheless, it is impressive that the helmet feels light because it is made from very thick and dense EPS foam, which is an advanced material that does not compress. We’ll take the sweat over not having enough protection any day!

Of most of the products we’ve tested, the Challenger is one of those rare helmets which had a five-year warranty which was amazing to see. 

On the road, the Challenger is very comfortable and will hold up for years of riding. Unlike other helmets, this one also has the ability to seal when the head is cold or sweaty.


The first thing you notice about the LS2 is that it is surprisingly light. According to their specs, the total weight of the helmet is 3.32 pounds, including the sunshade, visor, and liner. 

It is a very light helmet, especially for one featuring the Flak Jacket style, which is marketed as being more breathable than most helmets. With the exception of the neck strap, it is a very comfortable helmet to wear, and the chin strap is solid. 

There are no areas of concern here, but if you were worried about this being a flimsy item, you would be very pleased. The flip up visor is very useful, and it is easily removed without the need to disassemble the helmet. 

The visor is made from a transparent polycarbonate material, which is tinted to allow maximum visibility in sunlight.


Most of the professional riders we spoke with praised the design of this motorcycle helmet and felt that they rode more confidently because of it. 

Like all helmets, the LS2 Challenger requires a “Wet Seat” rating to wear while wet. Unlike most motorcycle helmets, the LS2 Challenger does not have ear sealing. 

This is a feature found in more expensive helmets. We did, however, test the LS2 in various situations to see how well it performed. 

We first looked at noise levels. Our test area in San Francisco is a medium traffic area with a mix of vehicles driving on the roads. We also included motorcycles driving next to the helmet. 

In several scenarios, the loudness of the LS2 was significantly lower than other helmets we have tested.


The LS2 Challenger has a good ventilated ear design, however, we did notice that there was a little more of a gap between the outer shield and the inside ear. While this wasn’t a serious issue for us, we would prefer more airflow here for more added comfort. 

The LS2 Challenger has an airy and uncluttered look with the double shell that covers your head. It’s not a helmet that gives you a swoosh of protection, but that’s OK. Not all helmets do. 

Also, we did find that there is more wind coming in when riding in windy conditions, but at least your head won’t be jammed into a wall of wind. 

The Challenger’s level of noise protection was enough to leave us feeling safe and distraction free. We also know that like most people if we felt the need for more protection that we’d simply invest in some good hearing protection.


The LS2 Challenger Motorcycle Helmet is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane compound, which helps keep the helmet lightweight, yet strong enough for a full day of riding. 

The chin strap, from our testing, is spring-loaded to prevent the chin strap from dragging, but there is a velcro strap that can be used if needed. 

On the side of the helmet, you’ll find padding to help absorb impact. The top of the helmet includes a secondary foam padding for additional protection. 

The chin strap is adjustable for height. These are both common upgrades for motorcycle helmets, and we are all very familiar with their use. 

They provide more coverage around your face and are intended to prevent nosebleeds from under the chin strap.

The Challenger Helmet is DOT certified. To be as brief as we can, DOT certification for a helmet  means that the product has been tested to be able to withstand impacts of at least 250G, or 250 times the force of gravity. 

In other words, DOT certified helmets are tough! The helmet is also ECE certified for sales within Europe and other areas of the world.


Thanks for sticking with us to the end of our review about the LS2 Challenger Motorcycle Helmet. Overall, we give this helmet a great recommendation. The Challenger is great looking, very well built, comfortable, and provides a wide range of features for a great price.

This is a helmet that will please nearly anyone who decides to buy one. Just know that the helmet fits on the narrower side so it will definitely be snug when you try it on. 

Challenger has all of the right safety features checked off and the shell is a great composite of materials that’ll make a huge difference to your safety. 

Is the helmet perfect everyday use? Yes, we would have to say so. We’d also add that the helmet doesn’t leak in bad weather, which is a real plus as far as we are concerned. 

All in all we found the LS2 Challenger Motorcycle Helmet to be competent, durable and comfortable. Highly Recommended!

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