LS2 Citation Review

by Alex Meyer

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LS2 is a relatively new company in the motorcycle helmet game -- only having been around a handful of decades -- but in that time they’ve built a reputation for making solid, reliable helmets. -Your typical LS2 helmet is one that’s going to sort of play the middle of the field. It probably won’t be the flashiest one you can find, and it won’t have every single bell and whistle available, but it will do its job and do its job well without forcing you to break the bank to pay for it.

The LS2 Citation fits right into that pattern. This helmet is good for what it is: a middle-of-the-pack, budget-friendly helmet that gives its rider a safe ride and a few options, but doesn’t really intend to blow anyone away. Even though it’s not the greatest helmet out there, it’s good for what it is, and it’s much easier on the wallet than some of the other helmets available today. For those reasons, the LS2 is the perfect helmet for someone who might be on a budget, or is relatively new to riding and looking to upgrade their basic helmet for something with a little more pizzazz.

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LS2 Helmets Citation Wake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (White/Black , X-Small)

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LS2 Helmets Citation Wake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (White/Black , X-Small)

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LS2 Helmets Citation Wake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (White/Black , X-Small)











Outer shell material : Fiberglass Composite

Shell size : 3 shell sizes (XS-SM, MD-LG and XL-3XL)

Liner : Removable and washable comfort liner/Multi density EPS

Weight : 1.3Kg- fibreglass, 1.2Kg-carbon

Pinlock : Included (Europe), Not compatible (US)

Strap System : Steel micrometric fastener and EQRS

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes

SNELL : Not Tested

SHARP : 3 Stars

Shape and materials

The Citation actually comes in two models, depending on construction material. One version uses a carbon-based material that results in an extremely light-weight helmet. The other is LS2’s own version of a fiberglass composite. That helmet weighs slightly more than the carbon version (1.3 Kg as opposed to the carbon shell’s 1.2 Kg weight) but is still much lighter than typical helmets on the market today. This lightweight can almost be worrisome -- after all, a lightweight helmet means less material, which means less strength, right? We’ll talk more about this later on.

As far as shape goes, this might be one area where the Citation is decidedly not in the middle of the pack, and actually stands out. Where most helmets try and hit on a shape that accommodates almost everyone (resulting in helmets that are often uncomfortable and require adjusting to get right) the Citation seems to be designed specifically for people with more oval-shaped heads. It is definitely longer than it is wide, and if for those whose heads run in this direction this might be a helmet to try out, simply for the comfort factor. 

Things I liked

  • priced nicely for those on a budget
  • extremely lightweight
  • a great fit for those with a more oval-shaped head

Things I don’t like

  • the noise is louder than we would like
  • 3-star SHARP rating is passable, but not great

Overall comfort

Speaking of comfort, it’s really hard to talk about this with any definitive words considering how ovular the shape of this helmet actually is. If this is your head shape, then you can probably expect a better fit from the Citation than you would get from most comparable helmets out there. If your head isn’t shaped this way, however, there’s a good chance you’ll find this helmet to be hard to get used to. Its narrower, elongated shape will leave the sides of your head feeling cramped and pinched, and the front of your head feeling exposed. You definitely want to try this one on before buying.

The Citation also comes with your standard removable and washable liner, made out of multi-density EPS. This foam expands to cushion your head as you ride, and provides a nice, comfortable experience overall.


By all accounts, the LS2 Citation gives its wearer very good visibility. The visor is large and allows you to see much of the road in front of you. In addition, LS2 has taken several steps to help insure you will have maximum visibility at all times.

First, they’ve included anti-fog measures. First, LS2 has a patented FFS (Fog Fighter System) that acts much like a Pinlock insert, snapping in behind the visor and turning it into a double-pane system. In addition, the visor itself has been coated with an anti-fog material that should help ward off fog in all but the worst conditions.

Another way the Citation helps with visibility is through the inclusion of a retractable sun visor. This visor is easy to pull up and down, and quickly provides you with a measure against sunshine or glare.


We’ll go right out and say it: this is not the quietest helmet on the market. To be fair, it’s not the loudest, either. But this is definitely one of those areas where you get what you pay for. IT is very tricky for helmets to eliminate noise from the wind, the road and your own bike. Most helmets that do so to one degree or another rely on expensive technologies and materials, neither of which you will find in your more budget-conscious offerings.

Still, all things being what they are, the quietness factor shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing this helmet. Some users report being perfectly okay with the level of noise. If you aren’t, then a pair of earplugs should do the trick.


The ventilation on the LS2 is pretty standard, really. There’s a vent in the top of the helmet as well as one in the chin. Both of these vents are adjustable to allow for more of less airflow. There’s also an exhaust port in the back of the helmet. It does a pretty decent job of moving air through the helmet. Again, nothing amazingly spectacular. But decent.


As we said up top, safety is one area where users often express concern. With a helmet so light, how can it really offer any protection? However, you don’t have to worry about this. The LS2 Citation is both DOT and ECE certified, which means you can ride with assurance and confidence that you are protected should the worst happen.

The Citation has also been SHARP tested, and was rated 3 stars. This kind of goes with the overall helmets,really. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.


If it sounds like we’re giving this helmet a tough time, we’re not trying to. But you should know what you’re getting before you buy. That lowerprice tag can be an attractive option, and for those of you on a budget, or not really wanting all of those extra options that more expensive helmets come with, this is a decent option.

On the flip side, with that budget-mindedness comes the awareness that you get what you pay for. It’s not a bad helmet at ll. It’s just not the helmet that’s going to win any awards any time soon.

When we take all of this into consideration, we give this helmet an average rating of 81.25/100, which works out to just over 4/5 stars.

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