LS2 FF325 Strobe Review

by Alex Meyer

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The FF325 Strobe Helmet is LS2'S entry level flip-up crash helmet. It has been designed with sports-touring riders in mind, which basically means that the helmet is perfect for all kinds of riding. Whether you regularly take your bike to work, you just ride it on Saturday's, or enjoy long distance rides, you can use this helmet.

Let's take a closer look at the FF325's finer details.

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Outer shell material : Polycarbonate shell

Shell size : 2 shell sizes

Liner : removable, washable, breathable, and made from hypo-allergenic fabrics

Weight : 1.55 kg

Pinlock : Inc

Strap System : micrometric fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : 3 stars

Shape and materials

The FF325 Strobe has been designed to fit people with intermediate oval-shaped heads. This is the most popular design, as that is the average shape of a human head. Some users with elongated head shapes have also said that this helmet fits them perfectly as well.

This helmet has a polycarbonate shell, two shell sizes, and a removable, washable liner made from hypo-allergenic material. It weighs 155 kg. It has been designed to appeal to all riders, so it has some classic graphics and a conventional visual design. The exterior is nothing too fancy, but its interior features are impress for an entry-level, modular helmet.

Things I liked

  • Removable, washable liner
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Glasses groove
  • Distortion-free shield
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Good safety ratings

Things I don’t like

  • Sizing issues
  • No anti-fog coating on shield
  • Average ventilation
  • Noisy riding

Overall comfort

FF325 Strobe users say that it is a comfortable helmet, although there are some issues with sizing.

Evidently, the Strobe runs small in size, so if you purchase it, you should order a size or two larger than what you'd normally buy. If you're going to order multiple sizes and then return them, make sure you purchase from a company that allows these kinds of returns. Some stores have very strict return policies on riding helmets.

The FF325's lining is both removable and washable and it is even made from breathable and hypo-allergenic fabric. Having a removable liner is vital because, trust us, you're going to want to wash the inside of your helmet. During warm weather, you'll probably end up sweating while you're riding, and you'll want to wash the liner frequently.

The glasses groove on the inside of the helmet makes it possible to wear regular glasses or sunglasses while riding, which is a great comfort feature.

Despite the sizing issues, many users say that the FF325 is very comfortable. Once you figure out which size is right for you, you won't have any issues. Keep in mind that the comfort of a helmet shows how safe it will be for you. You have to find the size that fits you right with no pressure points. If a helmet is too loose or too snug, it won't protect you during an accident, which is the whole point of wearing a helmet. Spend a little extra time to find the right size for you, so you can be confident about your safety.

Users rate this helmet 90 out of 100 in terms of comfort. Its sizing issues are a downfall, but other features make it a very comfortable helmet.


The LS2 FF325 Strobe has a main clear shield and drop-down sun visor - two elements that everyone looks for in a helmet. As this is an entry-level modular helmet, it's great that is has both of these features.

The main shield gives the rider great visibility and it is also a quick-release shield, which only makes it easier to use while riding. The shield does not already come equipped with an anti-fog coating, so keep that in mind if you're considering purchasing this helmet. You will need to also purchase a anti-fog insert to ensure you have good visibility in all kinds of weather. This helmet's shield is optically correct, which will provide you with distortion-free vision while riding. This is something rarely seen an entry-level helmet.

The sun visor on this helmet is operated by a slider on the bottom. You can adjust the visor by moving the slider, or you can bring the visor all the way down if that's how you like to wear it.

A few users have said that the sun visor is a little too light, but that's always a complaint when it comes to helmets. Very bright sun can seem blinding with any sun visor. There is a legal limit to how dark helmet sun visors can be, and LS2 has complied with those rules.

If you do happen to live somewhere where it's hot and sunny, you'll probably want to use the sun visor along with a pair on sunglasses. This won't make you uncomfortable while riding because, again, the FF325 Strobe has a glasses groove in it. Whether you want to wear sunglasses or regularly glasses while riding, this helmet makes it possible without discomfort.

Users have rated this helmet 89 out of 100 in terms of visibility. The fact that this helmet does not have an anti-fog shield coating is a downfall, but its adjustable sun visor and glasses groove make up for it.


There are mixed reviews about the FF325'S quietness. Your experience will really depend on your riding style,  how fast you ride, and the type of bike you ride on. This helmet's users have experienced both quiet and loud rides using this helmet, based on their riding specifics. The FF325 is not going to be the quietest helmet you've ever tried, as it is a modular helmet, which are usually on the noisier side.

A few users have stated that the noise comes from the vents in the helmet and keeping them closed makes things much quieter. This is helpful, but not possible if you're riding in hot weather. If you are considering buying the FF325, be aware that it is on the noisy side, and consider buying some ear plugs to wear while riding. Those will help with the noise. If you are very concerned about the noise level and noise really bothers you, then this is not the helmet for you.

Users rate this helmet 85 out of 100 in terms of quietness. Its modular design makes it a noisier helmet.


Users say that overall, the ventilation on the FF325 is okay, but could be improved. The ventilation system will keep you reasonably cool, but in extreme heat, you'll be quite warm.

The helmet has typical venting with an internal shock absorbing liner to bring air up and out. However, users say that the shield vents don't seem to keep the shield free of fog during low riding speeds. While this may not an issue for some, ventilation is an essential element in helmets, especially if you live in a hot, humid climate.

Users rate this helmet 88 out of 100 in terms of ventilation. If you live in a warm climate, this helmet might not be the best.


The FF325 Strobe rates very well when it comes to safety. It is both ECE and DOT certified and it has been tested by SHARP, who gave it 3 out of 5 stars. It has not been tested by Snell.

SHARP gave this helmet a good rating because during the safety test, the helmet's chin guard remained closed and locked upon impact. This is a very important result because the chin guard is what will ultimately save a life during an accident. The most important part of a helmet is its ability to keep you safe, which is why SHARP helmet tests are so important.

As far as other safety features go, the FF325 has them. It's shield is a good size, and it's even optically correct so your vision while riding is distortion-free. The helmet's drop-down sun visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and its micrometric fastener makes using the strap really easy.

If you're looking for a basic helmet with excellent safety ratings, the FF325 is perfect for you.


Overall, the FF325 Strobe is a great for an entry-level helmet with enticing features.

The FF325 Strobe has its pros and cons, but for an entry-level budget modular helmet, it offers users exactly what you'd expect. Sure, it's not going to be rated 5 stars for every category, but it does offer some great features that make it the best bang for your buck.

If you're new to riding and are just getting the hang of things, this helmet will be perfect for you. It has the necessary features for a smooth, safe ride, and even has a few extras like the glasses groove and the distortion-free shield. Its price won't break the bank and the helmet will last your for years. In the end, the FF325 Strobe is a helmet that we would recommend.

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