Nexx X-70 Review

by Alex Meyer

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Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable helmets? You want to be more comfortable while riding, but you don't want to compromise on safety either. 

Nexx's X.70 motorcycle helmet, better known by its model name “Groovy”, is the perfect combination of comfort and safety. The motorcycle helmet is designed for performance. It has a lightweight aerodynamic shell that reduces wind noise and offers better ventilation than most helmets. 

This article will tell you the pros and cons of the Nexx X.70. Is the Next X.70 worth the fiberglass that’s wrapped around it? Let’s find out!

Nexx X70 Helmet - Groovy Matte Black - M













Outer shell material : Fiberglass

Shell size : XS- 3XL

Liner : Mart Dry Inner Lining

Weight : 2.64 pounds

Pinlock : YES

Strap System : Micrometric Buckle

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes

SNELL : Not tested

SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

The Nexx X.70's primary colors are matte black, matte black and matte black. The helmet's upper shell is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a type of flexible plastic. It is also commonly known as a "TPU" (thermoplastic polyurethane) material. 

The X.70 features a polycarbonate shell. A variety of flaps and slats can be found on the shell to control airflow to the wearer's head. Most likely, you will never have to adjust the helmet's fit as it is easily adjustable using Nexx's "AlphaFit System.

The overall look of the helmet screams “Underrated Coolness”. The matte black looks very nice and it has almost a grippy, leatherlike feel to it. 

There’s a prominent and shiny “X” logo on the top front of the helmet. It doesn’t look tacky at all. The shiny theme continues with a metallic stripe from the front of the helmet all the way to the rear. Any Sci Fi hero would be proud to use this helmet.

The Nexx X.70 is very well designed, and it will leave you satisfied if you are a MotoGP enthusiast, a cyclocross rider, or a commuter rider. We saw lots of people wearing the X.70 helmets during our testing. 

Things I liked

  • Great ventilation

Things I don’t like


The X.70 has a round shape, which means that the front part looks like a bubble. The X.70 is more of a special-purpose motorcycle helmet, made more for scooters than anything else. It meets DOT crash test standards and it comes with excellent design features. 

It has a seamless frontal shell with removable straps that make the helmet easy to put on. It is an open-face helmet, which means the visor doesn't have any protection. However, the visor is removed when you take the helmet on and off, so it is a great feature. The visor can be opened and closed with an easy push on top.

The left section has a Ventilated Zone, which allows air to pass through between the shell and the helmet liner. This reduces the weight of the helmet and improves the comfort for those with larger heads. 

The right section is a foam cloth corner shell, which prevents the helmet shell from twisting or coming off your head. Finally, there’s a Quick Release Seat Band, which allows us to remove the helmet shell without the need to disassemble the headband.

Overall comfort

For better ventilation, you have to wear a helmet with a shell that's thin enough to not trap moisture inside. The Nexx X.70 is a good choice for lightweight motorcycle helmets. 

It has a shell made of fiberglass that's wrapped around it, which is very similar to the shell of a carbon fiber helmet. The X.70 shell is transparent and features a matte finish. 

The helmet is extremely comfortable and lightweight. It looks comfortable and this might be an attraction for the more performance-oriented riders. This is a plus point for riders who want the comfort and feel of a lighter helmet.

Before we put the Nexx X.70 on, we unwrap the fiberglass helmet shell to get a look at the protection inside. There are three molded sections of an EPS liner. 

The Nexx X.70 helmet fits snugly, and it's easy to wear on a daily basis. The helmet also fits very well next to oversized ears. It stays in place and won't slip out. 

We found that the shell fits me snugly and does not slip much when riding. If you have small ears and prefer a tight fit, the Nexx X.70 motorcycle helmet would be ideal for you. 

It has a simple design that doesn't get in the way of vision. There's also no chance of glasses or helmet sliding down.


Because of the helmet's aerodynamic shape, there are not a lot of obstacles for the eyes to meet. There is an inner visor built in behind the face shield that works via a slider on the left hand slide.

The faceshield is big, bulbous and clear, giving a wide range of vision. We like how it is adjustable and it has a nice “clunk” sound when adjusting. 

We wish the face shield was quicker to remove, but it takes a screwdriver to detach it from the helmet. Note: Be careful when removing/installing the face shield attachment cover. It needs to be positioned perfectly so it doesn’t fall off. 

This makes it a perfect helmet for trail riding and other sports activities. The visor is adjustable, so you can get the perfect balance of comfort and visibility, unlike some other helmet brands.

The visor works quite well and comes down at just the right height.


The Nexx X.70 helmet by design is not going to be the quietest helmet that you’ll ever use. All open face helmets will be loud as a matter of fact. That said, we find the Nexx X.70 to be more than bearable when riding at normal and even some high speeds. 

The fully removable liner helps to keep noise to a non-harassing level. 

The helmet remains very stable with little or no vibration. Most importantly, we find that you won’t be distracted by road noise. The helmet contains enough space to safely integrate Bluetooth systems with no problems.


The Nexx X.70 helmet has an in-molded EPS liner that blocks impact forces from spreading into the head during a crash. EPS liners are made of fiberglass and are very strong but heavy. Their flexible properties and shape make them very comfortable to wear. 

The helmet is DOT approved for sale in the US. Since the helmet is also sold in Europe the X.70 is naturally ECE approved as well.

The micrometric chin strap is very nice because it’s extremely easy to adjust. Also, it doesn’t cinch up the chin area like some other chin strap systems. 

Although it’s normally not considered an official safety feature, we felt we should comment about the liner. It can be fully removed for washing, plus it is composed of allergic-free fabric. This is a nice touch knowing that bacteria and other microbes can be easily removed from the liner.

How Important is EPS?

EPS helmets are used by many other manufacturers. These helmets are often used as crash test dummies. The side vents help to get cool air into the head during hot summer days. The vents are mesh which makes it easier for the head to breathe in hot weather. 

The visor is an old-school design but it is easy to use. There are no moving parts, so there is no need to clean or replace the visor after every ride. Is the Nexx X.70 worth the extra money? You won't have to pay a hefty price tag to get a comfortable helmet with EPS technology.


The Nexx X.70 is definitely one of the most interesting on the market today.  It’s nice that a helmet can do exactly what the manufacturer says it can. A combination of the 

We hope you enjoyed our review article on the Nexx X.70. Helmets are a very personal thing, but we feel nearly anyone will be satisfied purchasing the Nexx X.70 Groovy.


The Nexx X.70 is definitely one of the most interesting on the market today.  It’s nice that a helmet can do exactly what the manufacturer says it can. A combination of the 

We hope you enjoyed our review article on the Nexx X.70. Helmets are a very personal thing, but we feel nearly anyone will be satisfied purchasing the Nexx X.70 Groovy.

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