Nexx XG 100 Review

by Alex Meyer

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Riders depend on their helmets just as much as their bikes. When it comes to safety, protecting the head becomes the number one priority. But in addition to overall safety, you want to look at a number of other factors when looking at a new motorcycle helmet. Safety comes first, but you want to invest in style and comfort for the best riding experience. 

Nexx created a retro look straight from the 1970s coupled with modern safety standards in the XG 100. But that retro look comes with some utility drawbacks, which we will get into below.

This article will review the Nexx XG 100, looking at safety specifications, visibility, shape and materials, comfort and quietness. Stay tuned as we break down the Nexx XG 100 and give our final thoughts.

NEXX X.G100 Record Black Grey Gold Motorcycle Helmet (S)










Overall rating:


Outer shell material : Composite aramid/organic fiber/carbon/fiberglass shell

Shell size : XS-XXL

Liner : Wicking and are hypoallergenic. It’s removable and washable too

Weight : 2.65lbs (1.2Kg)

Pinlock : No

Strap System : Double D-ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Nexx went full into the seventies look with the XG 100. That retro style makes it stand out from modern helmets and makes it the perfect match for most classic racing bikes. You get that smooth dome shape that just screams cool. It has an intermediate oval shape, longer front to back and more narrow at the front of the head. 

The shell is made from “X Matrix” Composite Fiberglass. It weighs 2.8 pounds so you can carry it with you and leave it on your head without getting tired. The shell size ranges from XS all the way to XXL, so you can likely find the XG 100 in a size that fits you comfortably.

It has a removable liner that wicks away moisture to keep you cool. You can remove the whole liner except the chin curtain that runs along the edge. The liner connects to the shell with velcro fittings and will fit very snuggly against your head. Do not expect to be able to squeeze an earpiece on when wearing this helmet. In terms of a strap system it has a double-d ring fastener. 

Nexx offers a couple different design packages, from matte black and white to various graphic packages. The purest graphic with the matte finish costs less than the upgraded graphic options. Those different graphic patterns help add to the retro aesthetic of this helmet.

Overall Comfort

The liner creates a very comfortable wearing experience. It does not constrict your head but fits nice and snug on your head and ears. You can trust this helmet to stay in place once you put it on. That snug fit makes it a little awkward or uncomfortable putting it on or taking it off, but it rests comfortably once on the head.

Things I liked

  • Comfortable, removable, hypoallergenic liner
  • Smooth and lightweight design helps in the event of a crash
  • Several graphic packages
  • Meets DOT and ECE safety standards

Things I don’t like

  • Very poor scalp ventilation
  • Not SHARP or SNELL safety tested

The liner wicks away moisture to keep it from sliding around on a hot day. And expect a hot day wearing this, since it lacks a decent ventilation system, but more on that later. The liner is made from hypoallergenic materials, so even riders with the most sensitive skin can enjoy this helmet. 

Since it comes in a wide range of sizes you can find one that will likely fit your cranium just the way you like it. It does not have any ear pockets so you would probably experience mild discomfort if you try to squeeze a communicator in. That retro look unfortunately means a retro riding experience in many aspects as well.

Most users report a good deal of comfort when wearing this helmet. Coupled with its relatively light weight, your neck should also be comfortable supporting this helmet along with your head.


The XG 100 meets both the ECE and DOT requirements for shield opening size. This means that you can trust it to live up to the basic standards on the road and on the racetrack. However, some users do report limited peripheral vision. 

The upgraded version, the XG 100 R comes with a built-in face shield. The standard version comes with a face shield in box which you need to attach. This shield has a 60 percent smoky grey opacity. The helmet can accommodate other face shields as well, so you can attach the one you want to wear. 

The XG 100 R has a very good seal on the built-in face shield, with nice fitting gaskets. This version weighs eights ounces more than the standard version due to the face shield. You can wear goggles or glasses, but expect a tight fit. The narrow opening will not allow larger sizes of goggles.

The XG 100 comes with a detachable sun peak, which users report as performing adequately.


Determining the exact quietness of a helmet depends on too many variables to give a good reading. Bike type and riding style play a big role in how much noise you emit when driving, so actual results may vary. 

Still, the XG 100 offers a decently quiet ride since it has only one ventilation slit. Also, the snug fit around the ears helps muffle sound even more. Most report a generally quiet experience, so if loud noises bother you while riding you can probably count on this helmet keeping this at a reasonable volume. Still, the lack of ear pockets might make it difficult to squeeze in certain types of ear plugs if you plan to wear them while riding. 

But based on general assessments, you will probably have enough noise protection just from the helmet itself.


Now comes the real elephant in the room. The XG 100 stays true to that classic 1970s design even to a fault. It features only one ventilation slot located at the middle of the chin guard. So on a hot day, do not expect any way to cool your head down. 

However, Nexx includes several features to help compensate for this lack of ventilation. First, the liner has a wicking technology to keep sweat from building up and causing the helmet to slide right off of your head. And without vents, you can expect a good deal of sweat.

Next, it features air channels in the liner itself. These help create some sort of air flow to keep temperatures from getting too unbearable. It still has a tight fit around the base, though, so you will not get a lot of air coming into the helmet despite the channels. The chin vent provides some comfort and helps keep your face cool. You can also trust a mesh net in the slot to keep bugs and other debris out.

You can always ride with glasses or goggles to get air in through the front port. And users also report some air coming through the face shield on the standard model. The upgraded XG 100 R might provide too good of a seal with the built-in face shield to let any air in. 

While you might get a hot head during the summer, you can enjoy colder rides due to the added insulation of a ventless design around the scalp. So depending on your riding climate and time of year, the lack of vents might turn into a pro instead of a con.


First and foremost, you want a helmet that meets all of the basic safety requirements. The XG  100 is certified by both ECE 2.25 and DOT standards for safety. This means that it meets the standards to wear on roadways. 

However, it has not been through a SNELL or SHARP safety test, so giving a full safety measure gets difficult. Nexx has put three of their other helmet models through the SHARP test, each earning three out of five stars. These helmets featured a shell design of similar materials, so the XG 100 likely rates somewhere around three out of five as well. Still, no guarantee can be made until Nexx puts this model through those same tests as well.

The retro round and smooth shell is the preferred design when it comes to safety. It is also lightweight, which reduces the helmet’s inertia in the event of a crash. These two factors help make it a little bit safer. You can trust the strap’s locking system as well, and the helmet will not slide around.


Overall, Nexx delivers a stylish retro helmet design with a decent amount of safety features you would expect from a modern helmet. With that retro design come several pros and cons, both aiding and hindering the helmet’s overall score.

Overall, the Nexx XG 100 offers a very cool retro feel but with modern safety features and comfort. If you intend to purchase a helmet with a classic design, we strongly recommend something like this instead of an actual antique. If the Nexx does not do it for you, check out the Bell Bullit for a similar design and style. 

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