Best Open Face 3/4 Helmet in 2023 (Reviews and Comparison)

by Alex Meyer

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A motorcycle helmet is an integral part of a motorcyclist's gear and should be treated as such. However, not all helmets are equal. 

You have to find the right fit for you and your riding style. It shouldn't be left to chance, and you should consider buying from the top brands with a proven track record. 

When you need to find the right open face helmet, you already know you’ll need to make some sacrifices. But these days you certainly won’t have to settle for less thanks to technology and innovation. What is the best open face 3/4 helmet? Let's find out!

Comparison CHART


Arai Freeway Bandage

Arai Freeway Bandage
  • Plenty of customization for fit.
  • Excellent protection for its type.
  • Usable with Bluetooth/earbuds.

Bell Custom 500 Helmet (Matte Black - Medium)

Bell Custom 500
  • ¾ coverage helmet comes in many sizes
  • Detachable sun visor
  • Dozens of custom finishes with new options releasing annually

Hedonist Stable Black

Hedon Hedonist
  • This finished quality is second to none.
  • There is a wide range of colors.
  • The overall fit is very comfortable.

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet (Medium) (Anthracite)

Shoei J Cruise II
  • Lightweight yet durable AIM outer shell.
  • Superior removable and replaceable interior comfort features.
  • Enhanced air intakes.

ScorpionExo Belfast 3/4 Open Face Helmet (Matte Black, Small)

Scorpion Belfast
  • Genuine leather lining with hand stitching
  • Internal SpeedView sun visor
  • Accommodation for eyeglass wearers and sunglasses

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet - Apus (X-Small) (Black/Gold)

  • Excellent quality overall.
  • Comfortable padding and liner.
  • Elegant design.

Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet (X-Small) (Crystal White)

Shoei RJ Platinum-R
  • Very comfortable, no fatigue
  • DOT, ECE and SNELL Approved
  • Manages noise cancellation quite well

Nexx X70 Helmet - Groovy Matte Black - M

Nexx X70

Schuberth M1 Pro M

Schuberth M1 Pro
  • Solid build design that seems to be as tough as a battleship
  • Stellar visibility
  • The integrated ventilation system is really good

1 Arai Freeway Bandage Helmet Review

Arai is an established helmet manufacturer based in Japan. The Freeway is a biker-inspired open-face design that's crafted from a strong plastic material that's lightweight. 

Most riders that prefer an open face helmet simply love the Freeway Bandage. They say it gives them a certain amount of freedom that they can get from no other type of helmet. 

You might have to play around a bit to get the comfort and fit just right, but this is one very forgiving helmet that will allow you to adjust the padding. 

The Freeway’s style is pure retro and shouldn't be considered over the top. People will simply assume you have good taste when they see it.

Highlights and Features

The padding is soft enough to allow maximum cooling and you can remove it in a few seconds. It comes with a ventilated liner for extra breathability and anti-microbial fabric. 

It features an internal and external visor with a special elastic closure for extra protection and ventilation. The visor isn't removable however and just protects the view. 

The Heli-Shell is removable and made of premium ventilated material. The PU shell is of good quality and its cooling properties are effective. 

The helmet is outfitted with a front pivoting chin strap that can be used to attach the helmet on different helmet straps.

Negative feedback

There’s not much to hate about this helmet. The only complaint we hear about are the removable peaks. Some customers have a hard time getting them adjusted just right. 

You will hear road noise, but it's nothing out of the ordinary for this type of helmet. 

Overall safety

The Bandage is fully ECE certified for sale all around Europe. This means the shell is quite strong and can take a hit. Of course, this being an open face helmet, you take more of a risk if you are involved in an accident. Naturally there is no chinbar.

2 Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Bell Custom 500 Helmet (Matte Black - Medium)

Highlights and Features

The Bell Custom 500 is one of the most popular premium helmets on the market. It's also one of the most expensive. 

Bell motorcycles are a staple of American motorcycle culture and for good reason: they are some of the most reliable and stylish motorcycles in the country. 

In other words, Bell helmets can be trusted to keep you safe. Bell's new Line 500 helmet features a removable outer shell, which is made of quality polycarbonate with a flexible layer of carbon fiber sandwiched between. 

You can switch out the cover for different camo patterns or graphics without having to shell out a fortune. The removable shell is well worth the convenience and money saved. There are two main models available: the regular range and the Touring Range.

As the name implies, the Bell Custom 500 is a full face helmet that comes in a sleek and stylish Bell logo design. It also features the highly talked about Bell Multi-Density EPS liner, which is great because it is very adjustable and comfortable. 

Having the Multi-Density liner in place is a great feature as it means the helmet shell and EPS liner are built to work together in order to provide you with the best possible protection.

The Bell Custom 500 was released in 2014 and is the newest helmet in Bell's Custom series. This helmet uses Bell's Dual-Density EPS liner and venting system and is intended to help reduce overall weight without sacrificing safety.

Negative feedback

As an open face helmet, the Bell is going to generate plenty of road noise no matter what, but people who buy this type of helmet will already be prepared for this. 

There’s also no ventilation ports, just so you know. It will get warm on hot days, but the helmet is capable of venting a bit at speed.

Overall safety

The Bell is ECE rated and DOT certified, so it can certainly take more than its share of hits if it has to. There is no chin bar of course, so hopefully you’ll never have to test the helmet’s crash rating.

3 Hedon Hedonist Helmet Review

Highlights and Features

Hedon is an Austrian brand well known for making quality helmets. They are known for their comfort and excellent ventilation. This particular helmet provides a great coverage for the ears and cheeks. 

The shell is light and comfortable. There are foam pads on the forehead that help with the extra comfort. If you want a helmet that doesn't cover too much, you will definitely like the Hedonist.

However, if you are not a fan of this style of headgear, you can choose for the full face model. Hedon also offers the Street model for more control on the road. 

The Hedonist is made of composite fiber and has more modern features such as visor snaps. The model has a durable shell that can withstand abrasions and seems to be quite reliable.

The Hedonist Helmet is a helmet designed to provide the best protection for your head when you do your favorite activities. It does this by being a helmet that is fully open face, allowing for maximum breathability, which in turn provides maximum comfort and cooling. 

This helmet will not only protect your head, but it will also allow you to enjoy your favorite activities without compromising your safety.

The fit and finish of the helmet is excellent. It’s just a truly beautiful yet functional helmet. 

Negative feedback

Strangely, the liner isn’t removable, which is upsetting to a lot of people. This means you can’t even pull it out to wash it. But it is what it is. Personally we’d still say the helmet is worth it. 

Overall safety

The helmet is both DOT and ECE certified. The Pinlock anti-fog portion works really well and the helmet’s shape allows for a great field of vision. You can safely and comfortably wear glasses with no problems. The Hedonist is surprisingly quiet for this type of helmet.

4 Shoei J Cruise II Helmet Review

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet (Medium) (Anthracite)

Highlights and Features

The Cruise II is quite a bargain for the comfort and excellent fit. The helmet also comes with an impact absorbing hood. The interior is excellent, offering good ventilation. 

The helmet comes with a high visibility day/night visor. The motorcyclists who ride in the winter are also not at a disadvantage as the visor gets heated as you ride. 

The chin bar is a solid feature and is easy to reach with your lower lip. The vents in the chin bar keep your face warm during winter rides. 

Thanks to its visor, road noise is reduced more than some other open face helmets. The Cruise II is really something different but in a really good way. 

ANother great thing is that the Cruise II comes in four shell sizes. This should tell you how popular this particular model of helmet is. 

Negative feedback

It is not very good in windy conditions. It is also a bit heavy. 

It is the only helmet I know of that uses a two-piece shell construction. There is a gap on the inside between the helmet shell and the EPS foam liner. 

The communication system will probably get the most flak. Shoei uses a proprietary unit for this, so you might find that your current Bluetooth system might not be compatible.

Overall safety

In terms of the safety of the helmet, the Shoei J Cruise II seems to be a perfect choice for riders of various sizes, but this helmet is definitely not for all riders. 

The thin foam shell offers ample protection. The visor is adjustable (even though we wish it were more so)  and will not break or lift over time. You don't even need to touch it.

5 Scorpion Belfast Helmet Review

ScorpionExo Belfast 3/4 Open Face Helmet (Matte Black, Small)

Highlights and Features

Scorpion is an iconic British motorcycle manufacturer, who have a long history in motorcycle racing. It was established in 1947, by American motorcycle racing enthusiast and racing driver Harold Morse. 

The Belfast helmet is one of the more popular models in the Scorpion range. It has a truly unique style all its own that most will either love or hate. 

Don’t expect a lot of ventilation with this design type. We expect the top of your head will definitely get warm from time to time. 

Vision shouldn’t be much of a problem, but you’ll need to make sure you carry some type of eye protection. You can also purchase all types of compatible visors if you’d like. 

The Scorpion Belfast is one of those helmets you see on the streets and on the roads all over the country. It has a unique look to it, and it is the number one selling crash helmet in the Scorpion line. 

The reason for this is that it provides excellent protection, is comfortable, and is widely copied. The liner is quite thick. It’s almost like having a comfortable car seat wrapped around your head. 

It can only be described as a very different but fully enjoyable fit for the head.

Negative feedback

The Belfast isn’t going to be the most quiet helmet per its design.The overall appearance is considered to be...interesting. 

Some versions will remind you of a baseball glove that’s been turned inside out. Some riders were hoping the helmet would be at least Pinlock-ready.

Overall safety

The helmet is DOT certified for sales in the USA, but that’s about it. Yes, we know this sounds strange when most other helmets are at least dual certified. The Belfast is still just as safe as its competition and will keep you protected if need be.

6 HJC IS-33 Helmet Review

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet - Apus (X-Small) (Black/Gold)

Highlights and Features

HJC has been making motorcycle helmets since 1989 and they pride themselves on the quality and durability of their products. The IS-33 is the third generation of HJC helmets, and features a polycarbonate shell, with a maximum impact protection level of 40 MPa. 

The model comes with a two-year warranty, which makes it a worthy investment for long-term riders. The IS-33 is designed to be a lightweight option, however, at 142 grams, it's still more than hefty compared to other helmets in this segment. 

The IS-33 comes with an integrated bracer retention system, which is the first of its kind in its segment. A sturdy shoulder strap is also included, which makes the IS-33 comfortable for long riding sessions.

The HJC IS-33 visor helmet is a very comfortable and easy to use open face helmet. It is designed for sport riding and is very safe but it is not designed for long trips.

The IS-33 is a great open-face helmet that combines comfort with great visibility. It has one of the lowest profiles in the market, and with the IS-33-R, it has one of the most aerodynamic shields as well. It's easy to see why HJC has so much praise for the IS-33.

Negative feedback

Road noise is where this helmet takes a nosedive. It’s loud. Actually it’s annoyingly loud at times. The vents work well but the humming and buzzing coming from them is something else altogether.

The helmet fits rather smaller than you may think. It’s recommended to get a proper fitting before purchasing.

Overall safety

The IS-33 is DOT certified for sales in the US but it has no other ratings. Still the helmet is safe enough and will certainly take a hit with no problems.  

7 Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet Review

Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet (X-Small) (Crystal White)

Highlights and Features

Shoei have been on the scene for well over a decade now and have managed to craft some of the best looking helmets on the market. The Shoei RJ Platinum is an excellent option for riders who want a premium closed helmet for a competitive edge on the track. 

Shoei is one of the leaders when it comes to helmets in general, with a close relationship to Suzuki Motorcycles. The helmet has a very smooth, futuristic design that isn't overly aggressive looking. 

A large visor and domed face shield help keep out the elements and an extra strip of black comes across as quite distinctive. In this generation, the Shoei RJ Platinum is available with a shark fin and the G1 Top.

It's designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, and made from a carbon fiber/Kevlar composite material called "Penta" which makes it lighter than resin-based helmets, but also more durable and less likely to be crushed by crashes.

The Platinum-R is a good helmet for beginners or trackers. It provides enough protection for riding, without being overly stiff or heavy. And the wide visor lets you see a lot of the road.

Negative Feedback

The RJ Platinum-R fits very tightly, as a helmet of this design type should. Still you should be prepared for it. 

Some riders will find the helmet to be a bit heavy, but it should be expected with a helmet of this caliber. 

Overall Safety

This helmet has so many safety ratings it could probably pilot the latest spaceship on its own. It is DOT, ECE and SNELL certified for sales worldwide. This should give riders the ultimate confidence when heading down the road.

8 Nexx X70 Helmet Review

Nexx X70 Helmet - Groovy Matte Black - M

Highlights and Features

The Nexx X70 is a popular open face helmet from the manufacturer. Its soft foam back and EPS lining gives it superior impact protection. You can choose from four different shells to suit different weather conditions and riding styles. 

The helmet has an easy-to-remove visor, so you can don it when you need to for a quick pit stop on the open road. This helmet’s visor is also adjustable, which is extremely handy when you need a bit more sun protection or when you just want to admire the view. 

The visor extends up to 72 degrees for better peripheral vision and comes with an anti-fog feature. This is one stylish helmet. It’s an understated design that still manages to scream “Ultra Cool” without showing off. The matte finish is unbelievable.

The Nexx X70 was one of the first Nexx helmets to come out, and since then, the company has released a number of helmets in this same design. The X70 features a removable, washable liner, and the shell features a snug-fitting shape that’s designed to reduce the amount of air that can enter the helmet. 

It also features an internal Sunshield, which is supposed to reduce the amount of glare from the sun on your face. The X70 is available in sizes small, medium, and large.

Negative feedback

Most riders would prefer that the visor could be removed without a tool, but other than that, there’s really not much to comment on. It’s a bit loud, but this is the X70 we’re talking about.

Overall safety

The X70 is DOT and ECE certified. The construction is quite durable and you won’t be disappointed.

9 Schuberth M1 Pro Helmet Review

Schuberth M1 Pro M

Highlights and Features

The Schuberth M1 Pro helmet has a number of unique features. It has an automatic extra-large ventilation system, allowing you to change the main airflow system for the optimum effect. 

You can adjust the four full-coverage heat protection layers separately, too. There is also plenty of versatility with the inclusion of a visor, replaceable chin bar and lighter half visor in the helmet's armour case. 

It comes with a huge range of mounting options, including stainless steel clips, folding mount and even a magnetic cuff for easy folding. It also has a nice looking 'timber' finish, and while this is a very premium helmet it has very decent reviews online at several websites. 

This helmet was an upgrade from the previous 1 model with the addition of a visor, additional shell sizes, added vents and a new design. This helmet is now the best in its class. 

It’s one of the best open face helmets on the market. The features on this helmet are the same as the 1 model but a few of the additional features are a visor, an internal sun shield, a new design, extra ventilation and a few more shell sizes

Negative feedback

Those who use earbuds may find it difficult to fit them comfortably due to the tightness of the helmet’s interior.

The helmet is a bit heavy for some riders, but overall it shouldn’t be a problem. Road noise will be a bit loud, as with any open face helmet design. 

Overall safety

The M1 Pro is both DOT and ECE certified. Visibility is up there with the best we’ve ever seen for a helmet. The thick but comfortable liner will definitely assist in case of an accident. Anyone will be pleased by the M1 Pro’s ventilation features. This is one great helmet all around.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of options available when it comes to picking out a helmet, and it will be your personal preference that will decide the best 3/4 helmet for you.

Nevertheless, we will advise you to get yourself a helmet that will enable you to have a clear view, is comfortable to wear, and won't add extra weight when you are just trying to get down the road and have a little fun.  

When choosing a motorcycle helmet, make sure that it fits you properly, offers superior protection and is affordable. For more information, visit Helmet Labs today to find your right helmet.