Shuberth C4 – Pro Review

by Alex Meyer

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Schuberth is back but with a more improved, upgraded version of the C4 Basic helmet called the C4 Pro. While it does not look like a flip-up helmet due to its sleek design, it is, in fact, an adjustable flip-up headpiece. The helmet itself combines cutting-edge technologies with top-grade quality. 

This helmet is perfect for motorbike riders or racers as well as motorcyclists, dirt bike riders and four-wheel drivers. As one of the latest Schuberth models, you can see many popular or celebrity riders sporting them. The C4 Pro helmet was released in late 2018 and continues to be a top contender for users. 

As a full-face sport touring helmet, it is a highly sought-after headgear. We wanted to help you have a better understanding of this protective headpiece, so we outlined this Schuberth C4 Pro Review by going over the ratings, specifications, safety ratings, shape and materials, overall comfort, visibility, quietness and ventilation.












Overall rating:


Outer shell material : DFP Glass fiber heat-formed shell

Shell size : 2XS-XXXL

Liner : EPS

Weight : 3.91 lbs

Pinlock : Yes

Strap System :  Double-D ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : No


SHARP : Not tested

America only requires helmets to have a DOT safety rating, meaning the C4 Pro meets all safety standards and requirements. Later in the review, we go into more detail about the safety features of this protective headpiece. 

Shape & Materials

The shape and materials used to create the shell play a huge role in the design of the helmet. The C4 Basic helmet left many riders disappointed because of its oval shape. Schuberth decided to go back to its classic round fit design for its C4 Pro. The overall shape of this protective headgear is aerodynamic and sleek, which is perfect for any rider. Plus, the construction of the inner shell allows for more absorption from outstanding forces, making it a safer, more reliable headpiece. 

This Schuberth helmet consists of fiberglass, making the helmet strong, durable and lightweight. There is a resin that compresses the shell under high pressure, adding even more strength to the helmet. The materials also help create an efficient design, so the gear is more user-friendly. The interior liner is CoolMax and Jazzlight, which creates ultimate comfort with each wear. 

In the past, Schuberth placed its microphones at the top of the helmet, making it hard for clear communication. Now, they upgraded the microphone and placed it next to the mouth, so the rider can be heard over top speeds. 

The C4 Pro helmet is compatible with SC1 Standard and Advanced communication systems. You can easily insert the com program into the side slot on the headgear. The helmet also includes an integrated antenna, preinstalled loudspeaker and a microphone. You can even use Bluetooth and radio stations. So, you never have to worry about communication or music issues. 

Overall Comfort

Since you are wearing the C4 Pro helmet for long periods, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. The interior liner has a velvet texture that feels smooth and soft against the skin. Thanks to the helmet being lightweight, your head will comfortably hold it even on the longest of trips. 

You can adjust the chin strap with its ratchet strap or Double-D ring fastener. The past C4 model only had one size that went up to L, meaning individuals with larger heads could not wear the basic model. The C4 Pro has two sizes that go up to 3X, so more riders can comfortably fit its design. For precise measurements, it goes up to heads that are 65 centimeters in diameter. 


Just like driving a car, you want to be able to see everything through your helmet's visor. If you look at the C4 Pro helmet, you may notice that the visor takes up a majority of the design, which is perfect for the rider to see everything. It also decreases the chances of having blind spots. 

The visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch, giving the user clear vision even in poor weather conditions. It also comes with distortion-free and quick-change capabilities. Therefore, you can see things as clearly as possible and adjust the visor to what your vision needs. 

There is a pre-installed PINLOCK lens. Most helmets come with a PINLOCK that you have to install, so this is an added feature making it a stress-free experience. The helmet also includes an adjustable sun visor to help protect your eyes from the blinding sun.


When riding on a bike or motorcycle, background noise can quickly and easily surround you, making it almost impossible to hear from your speakers. Schuberth’s main goal with their C4 Pro helmet is to provide the rider with utmost quietness. They actually name it the quietest flip helmet they created yet. 

The optimized neck padding and noise reduction technology and elements surrounding the mechanical attachments help reduce the outside sound. This C4 Pro helmet achieves about 80 to 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on a basic motorcycle.


Riding a bike can get hot, especially if you are under the hot sun for many hours, like in hot states like Texas or Florida. A helmet’s ventilation will also help with airflow as well as sweat. If the headgear does not have enough ventilation outlets, the wearer will quickly feel uncomfortable or overheat. 

Surprisingly, the C4 Pro helmet only has two vents — a chin vent and a chimney vent. It does not have an exhaust vent in the back, but instead offers additional padding that helps the airflow and sweat in the back float to the chimney and chin vents.  

Things I liked

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch visor
  • 9 decal styles
  • Sunshield
  • 5 solid colors
  • Antibacterial lining
  • Seamless lining
  • Washable and quick-drying lining
  • Large field of vision
  • Easy to open and close
  • Clear communication
  • Thickened neck and chin pads
  • Pre-installed PINLOCK
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Liner protects interior mechanisms, making them last longer
  • Pre-wired speaker and microphone
  • Liner protects interior mechanisms, making them last longer
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio reception
  • Oko-Tex 100-certified

Things I don’t like

  • Not many safety features. For example, it does not include an ECE safety rating.
  • Difficult to remove liner
  • Difficult to install liner back into the helmet (check out the user manual to properly place everything back in its place)
  • No exhaust ventilation
  • Only two sizes (XS-L and XL-3X)
  • Left side slider, making it hard to work with other communication systems. You would need to install a sticky mount if you have a different com program.

It truly differs between each wearer on if they like the ventilation on this helmet or not. As a note, if you sweat or overheat easily, you will want to either try out a different helmet or open your visor a few inches to allow for extra ventilation. 

The chimney vent does have three positions so you can pick the best airflow for your head. The chin vent has one push button to open and close it. It is easy to click on and off as well. 

Even though there are only two vents, the visor does move up and down easily creating even more airflow. Plus, there is a sun visor so you can protect your eyes from the sun while you have the visor open. 


Since you are wearing a helmet, safety is definitely an important feature that you want. The safety features of this C4 Pro helmet left many riders disappointed. The United States only requires a DOT safety rating; whereas before, an ECE was also required. Schuberth wanted to keep things simple by going with the bare minimum. More riders would show more interest in the helmets, especially with their price, if they at least added an ECE rating. 

While a SNELL and SHARP safety rating are not required, it would give the user extra reassurance that the helmet is as safe as possible. If you want more safety features, check out other helmets that are similar to the C4 Pro.


Overall, the C4 Pro helmet is a superior and updated version of the last C4 model. Many Schuberth helmet lovers enjoy these new and improved features. For a quick breakdown, we have listed the pros and cons of this helmet.

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