Schuberth E-1 Adventure Review

by Alex Meyer

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It took Schuberth years to perfect the E-1 Adventure and bring it to the states, but they took their time and made sure that they shipped something worth talking about. This is a lightweight, comfortable, and quiet helmet that leaves little to be desired in terms of features or functionality.

The E-1 Adventure exudes quality, with a light fiberglass exterior and a durable, yet comfortably well-padded interior and liner. As opposed to the aggressive design and shape that you might expect with other offroad helmets, Schuberth took this as an opportunity to stand out by focusing on a smoother, more refined design that hones in on aerodynamics.











Outer shell material : Fibreglass shell

Shell size : XS and 3XL

Liner : EPS foam liner

Weight : 3 lbs

Pinlock : ready

Strap System : micro-adjust style chin strap

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : 3 stars

Shape and materials

The fit of this helmet is much more accommodating to an intermediate oval size head. It isn’t overly round or narrow, so you can expect the fit to be right down the middle, which is another way that Schuberth made this really accommodating for the US and its riders.

One of the biggest changes and greatest selling points of the E-1 is that Schuberth really brought this model a step up and forward into the future with the level of noise cancellation you get with this helmet. The aeroacoustic design keeps this helmet almost unbelievably quiet even at high speeds in aggressive riding scenarios. 

Schuberth also increased the total ventilation on this helmet by 60% over previous versions of this same model. Unfortunately, that isn’t saying much for the E-1 adventure as it may be one of the hottest offroad riding helmets at this price point.

We will say that it is great for sport, heavy adventure riding, touring, offroad and just about anything else that you have ahead of you, the E-1 Adventure is a chameleon of a helmet that you can take just about anywhere, in a variety of different types of climate zones and riding conditions.

The removable peak on the E-1 Adventure gives this modal a real tough, off-the-beaten-path look. It’s fully adjustable as well so that you can either use it to get some shade while riding or pull it back to get it out of your face. This is a quality that truly makes it look like a high caliber, offroad performer.

Things I liked

  • Incredible noise cancellation and suppression
  • Smooth and aerodynamic design
  • Comfortable padding and interior liner
  • Removable peak for extra shade while riding
  • Dropdown sun visor for added eye protection
  • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber exterior

Things I don’t like

  • Really hot with very little ventilation
  • Relatively expensive for other options in this price range

Overall comfort

The overall comfort of the E-1 adventure is another aspect of this helmet where Schuberth decided to go above and behind. Take a look inside the interior of the helmet and you are going to find an open cell mesh liner. Schuberth designed the interior with aggressive outdoor and offroad riding in mind. The mesh does an incredible job wicking sweat from your face, even during aggressive offroad riding, and is well channeled so that you can get plenty of airflow throughout the front, top, back, and sides of the helmet.

If you take a look at the bottom of the helmet, you can tell that the materials are made for the outdoors. The padding on the bottom edge of the helmet is built to take a beating so that you can take this outdoors, out in the woods, or even on a camping trip with you without having to worry about the wear and tear that the E-1 Adventure is going to take. Durability and comfort don’t typically go hand in hand, but the padding on the bottom of the helmet maximizes offroad durability while maintaining the level of comfort that the interior bucket has to offer. It has a neck roll with a nice seal and great durability with a decent amount of ventilation.


The removable peak on the E-1 adventure is a really nice touch when it comes to comfortable riding, high visibility and protecting your eyes from the sun. The peak locks into place in multiple different positions so that you don’t have to be concerned about it getting jostled loose, even during aggressive riding. The locking mechanisms on the side makes it really easy to either bring the peak down to give you better protection and shade from the sun, or lock back, away from the visor to give you more visibility through the upper portion of your visor.

The dropdown sun visor is another huge add to this helmet. Once you get used to having this, you aren’t going to want to have a helmet without it. It has an optically correct shield that is really easy to remove and change out. That makes the E-1 Adventure great for using in an open-face configuration with goggles. Although, the size of goggles that will be able to use is limited to smaller sizes.


The helmet is ridiculously quiet, which is something that many adventure and offroad riders can appreciate. Schuberth runs testing on their helmets through their own aeroacoustic and aerodynamic testing center in Germany. This gives the company the unique resources and ability to eliminate excess noise anywhere and everywhere possible.

Through the design, we can see that Schuberth really made it a point to prioritize smoothness, aerodynamics, and noise suppression with the E-1 Adventure. This model allows you to enjoy all of your favorite parts of offroad riding while protecting your eardrums from being obliterated by the roar of a loud motor.


The aggressive chin vent is a really nice upgrade to this helmet and gives riders air exposure for keeping their face cool while riding. The chin vent itself is backed by a comfortable, removable piece of foam that allows for added comfort. You can keep the foam in for more protection and coverage when you are doing offroad riding, or remove the padded foam to get a little more air through the helmet when you hit the road.

The air vent on the top of the helmet has been adjusted to integrate nicely with the removable peak on this helmet. Because Schuberth added the removable peak to the E-1 adventure, they made the top roof vent adjustable so that you can effortlessly slide it back to open it or forward to close it.

One thing that you might be asking yourself when you look at this helmet is “where is the rest of the ventilation?” To answer your question, ventilation is something that took a backseat to noise reduction. As with many other companies and designs, the price of canceling out as much noise as possible typically comes at the cost of air and breathability. Though the sweat-wicking interior liner of this helmet does a decent job in keeping the moisture off of your face and head, ventilation is something that riders are going to be missing. The tight seal that this model creates is nice for keeping dirt, dust, and noise out, but it’s going to feel like your head is in a sauna when you take this out for aggressive, offroad riding.


This helmet is DOT and ECE approved and hits a 3 star on SHARP for safety. The exterior is made from highly durable, resilient, and high-quality fiberglass which makes the helmet far lighter than competitors that are constructed of different composites or heavier materials.


The highlights of the E-1 Adventure are the noise suppression, durability, aerodynamics and premium materials that go into making this. There isn’t anything about this helmet that makes you think that it looks or feels cheap. From the exterior fiberglass to the chin curtain, visors, and padding on the interior, there wasn’t anywhere that Schuberth skipped on better materials and construction.

For this being a helmet that is meant for offroad riding, there aren’t a lot of aggressive features on it. You can clearly tell that this model a byproduct of high-tech and advancements German engineering in that the designers set out to make this helmet’s features as smooth and aerodynamic as possible. The only real drawback that we see to that is other than the shape of this helmet doesn’t make it look like an offroad champion or an adventure made helmet, it would be nice to have some a ridge for your goggle strap.

We do want to remind you that ventilation is one of the only notable downsides of this helmet. If you don’t need this much noise cancellation and suppression and would rather keep your head and face cool, you may want to explore other options in this price range. Otherwise, this is an excellent choice for aggressive offroad riding.

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