Scorpion Covert Helmet Review

by Alex Meyer

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As a motorcycle rider, safety on the road is crucial. However, while it’s necessary to wear a helmet at all times, the type you use may depend on several factors, including the weather. On some days, you want a half helmet that allows the wind to blow around your face. On other days, you want a full-face version to provide total protection.

Typically, if you wanted to switch, you would need to buy multiple helmets. Thankfully, with the Scorpion Covert model, you get three models in one, making this one of the most versatile and stylish options available. Let’s dive into what makes the Scorpion such a good deal.

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ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet (Matte Black, Large) (COV-0105)

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ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet (Matte Black, Large) (COV-0105)











Outer shell material : Advanced LG® Polycarbonate Shell

Shell size : XS (53-54 cm) to XXXL (65-66 cm)

Liner : KwikWick II® an anti-microbial comfort liner

Weight : 3.5 lbs

Pinlock : No

Strap System : 1-inch-wide nylon chin strap with conventional double D-ring

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : No


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Being a three-in-one helmet means that you get the option of full customization regarding how you look and how protected your head is while on the road. The way the Scorpion Covert works is that it comes in three pieces.

First, we have the top of the helmet, which is like a standard half-size version. Second, there is a rear comfort sleeve, which hooks into the top and creates a 3/4 model, offering better protection for the back of the head and neck. Finally, the Scorpion comes with a face mask. What makes this piece so cool is that it attaches by high-powered magnets, making it faster and easier to get it on and off.

Overall, it shouldn’t take more than about a minute to construct or take apart the Covert. Removing the pieces does take longer than putting them on, but since it’s not a complicated process, it won’t be an issue. Don’t worry about having to struggle with each piece every time you want to change the helmet’s appearance.

At first, magnets may not sound stable, but they are made of neodymium, which means that they are much more resilient than other varieties. Also, you never have to mess around with clasps or hooks, which can break off or wear down over time. The strength of the magnet will never turn off.

Overall, we appreciate the Scorpion Covert Helmet both for its modularity and appearance. When you put the whole thing together, it offers a sleek and futuristic look. You may feel like a cyborg or the hero of a cyberpunk story when wearing the Covert, especially when people give you compliments about it.

Better yet, this helmet comes in a wide array of sizes, making it ideal for almost all riders. Also, because of its modular design, it’s much easier to find the right fit since you don’t have to worry about having too small of an entry point at the bottom.

Things I liked

  • Modular design
  • Three-in-one helmet
  • Sleek and futuristic appearance
  • Easy to put together or take apart
  • DOT certified
  • Soft and plush liners
  • Tinted visor
  • Multiple sizes available

Things I don’t like

  • For safety purposes, this is only a half-helmet with add-ons
  • For some riders, sizing can be tricky

Overall comfort

Thanks to the abundance of sizes and the modularity of the Scorpion, it’s much more comfortable than you might realize. The company even called the rear piece the “comfort sleeve,” thanks to its plush lining and snug fit on the back of your head.

The front mask (yes, it’s a mask, not a true full-face add-on) doesn’t come with padding, but since it won’t rub against your face, that shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that you get the right size, and you’ll be good to go.

The top of the helmet comes with another plush liner, creating a tight yet comfortable fit while riding. Also, keep in mind that both liners are removable and washable so that you can maintain a high level of hygiene while on the road. That being said, you will likely have to hand-wash to ensure that they don’t shrink or shrivel up on you.

The liners are also made of KwikWick II material, which helps remove moisture to keep you cool. Also, each one is antimicrobial, making it even easier to keep your helmet clean. Although they are not built for it, you could theoretically modify the sides of the liner to allow for Bluetooth headphones. However, that could void the warranty, so proceed at your own risk.


Obviously, when the Scorpion Covert Helmet is in either half or 3/4 mode, you have a full range of visibility, as there are no obstacles in your field of vision. When you attach the mask, however, there is a visor that flips up and down.

The visor itself is easy to maneuver, thanks to two tabs (one on either side). You should be able to operate it with gloves, making it more versatile and convenient for all kinds of riders. The visor is tinted to protect against sun glare, and it works well for this purpose. However, you can get a clear version as well if you like to ride at night.

At first, because the visor flips up into the helmet, you may assume that any dirt or debris (i.e., bugs) would get smeared in the process. Fortunately, that’s not a problem, thanks to a sizeable gap between the front of the visor and the slot within the helmet. Thus, if you’ve been on the road all day, you don’t have to worry about getting bugs or other gunk stuck inside.

Another benefit of this visor is that it’s coated with EverClear, meaning that it won’t fog up in cold weather. Both the tinted and clear versions have the same coating, making this helmet an ideal purchase for riding in all seasons.


If the Scorpion Covert were a real full-face helmet, then you would want to make sure that it stayed quiet while riding. However, because you can wear this as a half or 3/4 model, road noise is always going to be an issue. Thankfully, putting the mask on does help mitigate the sound levels, but the fact that there are seams between each section does mean it won’t be as quiet as a full-face version.

Simply put, plan to wear earplugs whenever using the Covert Helmet, although you should be wearing them anyway. If you do get around to making space for a Bluetooth earpiece, that can work wonders as an alternative.


As with the noise of this helmet, you can increase or decrease the ventilation by adding or removing pieces. On the top part, there are two intake vents to provide smooth airflow across the top of your head. These vents aren’t adjustable, though, so you don’t get the option of closing them during the colder months of the year.

If and when you attach the face mask, it comes with multiple vents on the surface, which feed into the exit valves within the comfort sleeve on the back.

Overall, this helmet has excellent airflow, both with and without the mask. However, because its modular design does allow more air than usual, you probably don’t want to wear it during the winter. We highly recommend the Covert as a three-season helmet, unless you have a particularly thick balaclava that can insulate your face.


When talking about safety, there are some crucial points that we have to make for the Scorpion Covert. You must understand the potential drawbacks before buying so that you know what you’re getting into.

First, the front piece is considered a face mask, not a full-face helmet. A significant reason for this distinction is that the section doesn’t come with a chin bar. So, in the event of a collision or spin-out, the mask won’t offer much in the way of protection. Instead, it’s designed to help brace against the wind, as well as keep out road debris or bugs while riding on the highway.

Technically speaking, the Scorpion Covert is rated as a half helmet. The shell on top is made of advanced polycarbonate, and the interior is a dual-impact EPS liner. As far as protecting your head goes, the top section does an excellent job.

Overall, this helmet is rated by the Department of Transportation, so you can feel confident when wearing it on the road. However, because of its modular design, it can’t be considered for either European regulations or a SNELL certification. If those ratings are important to you, be aware of that.


If you’re looking for a sleek and dynamic full-face helmet, the Scorpion Covert is not the right model for you. However, if you’re in the market for a half-helmet and you like the idea of a modular design, then you will appreciate this product.

The one thing we like best about this helmet is that it looks cool without sacrificing functionality. Everything from the face mask to the visor to the liner is designed to be as practical and comfortable as possible. As long as you understand the difference between this and a traditional full-face model, you’ll be good to go.

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