Scorpion Exo-Combat Evo Review

by Alex Meyer

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The Scorpion Exo-Combat Evo has the most spectacular design on the market! It’s manufactured by Shark Helmets. The Scorpion brand itself has built quite the fan base. This helmet gives you that cool image that everyone loves. It’s an open-face helmet with a cool-looking plastic faceguard. The Scorpion brand refers to this helmet as a “Street Fight” helmet. 

Scorpion took a good 3/4 helmet and completely turned it into the most radical street helmet there is. This helmet comes with a variety of removable features. So, you can adjust this helmet to match both your bike and your riding style. Yes, it looks the part, but can we rely on the Scorpion Exo-Combat Evo during our riding adventures? Well, keep reading to find out.

Scorpion Covert Helmet - EVO (Large) (Titanium)











Outer shell material : Polycarbonate

Shell size : XS-XXXL

Liner : Removable, hypoallergenic EPS liner

Weight : 3 lbs., 5 oz. 


Strap System : Double-D ring (US)

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

This shell is made of an advanced polycarbonate compound, with a premium build and an excellent finish. Polycarbonate’s not gonna be composite and it’s not gonna use any fiberglass. But it’s quite sturdy and is DOT rated. It gives a full-face look, but do not let that deceive you. It’s an open-face helmet with, its most eye-catching feature, a removable faceguard. 

The faceguard is held in by a button on each side with a pair of strong magnetic strips to help align it. The magnets keep the guard locked in place even during high speeds, while also allowing it to be easily removable. The faceguard is dual-density EPS-lined with steel mesh framing in the front. This prevents any particles from entering the helmet. 

There’s a removable neck roll there for both style and comfort. It helps convert the helmet from a half helmet to its full-face look. It uses the Kwickwick two-liner system from Scorpion. This material will help draw moisture away. So when riding in warm temperatures and you start to sweat, it’ll pull that moisture off your head and keep your head dry. 

It also uses velcro to hold it in place and has mesh on the back. This will allow it to breathe and give you better airflow circulation and extraction. 

Things I liked

  •  Ideal for almost any terrain.
  • Impeccable design and style.
  •   Very well-ventilated and comfortable.

Things I don’t like

  • Not compatible with earplugs or speakers.
  • Weaker insulation.
  • Not ideal for track racing

The lining is antibacterial which helps prevent any odor. You can remove the liner and wash it to keep it nice and fresh. There’s also a double D-ring chin strap system to keep the helmet secured on your head.

Then we have the tented, detachable sun visor up top. The visor comes in two shades which are clear, and black smoke. So, no need to worry about spending extra on a visor of a different shade. It also contains an EverClear anti-fog coat on both sides.

The Scorpion Exo-Combat has two colorway options. There’s the blacked-out version and the camo-influenced style. 

With sizing, some find it to be kind of small, while others feel the opposite. So, you might want to size up for proper fitment or measure your head for the correct size and hope it fits. The shape is an intermediate oval. The overall weight is 4.09 pounds and comes in 6 shell sizes from small to 3XL.

Overall comfort

This helmet has a rather snug fit to it. Owners find it to be very comfortable once they’ve got the right size for themselves. The interior padding inside the shell includes a soft, anti-allergic fabric. It’s also removable and washable. The cheek pads are held in using velcro and can be easily removed. 

Some say there’s no decent amount of room for your ears. So if you’re planning to use earphones or any audio devices, there sadly won’t be any space for that. Also, the EPS-liner can often shove the padding into your ears, which makes it quite uncomfortable.  

The sizing should fit most head shapes. But considering that the helmet is an intermediate oval, it may be a problem for those of you with rounder heads.


The visibility is quite good considering the option for a clear or tinted shade for the visor. The dark-tinted shade can be very helpful when riding during the day for it should help block the brightness of the sun. The clear visor should be used at night to help see better in the dark. The visor is even sealed at the bottom preventing any water or wind from getting in.

There’s a tab on either side of the visor, making it easy to push up or down. Once pushed up, the visor folds into the helmet and is out of the way so you can’t see it. When the visor is pushed down the faceguard has a gasket that helps reduce the amount of water, wind and road debris. It even makes for a quieter environment.  

Since the sun visors are Everclear antifog coated, you shouldn’t be too concerned about misting. The sun visor also includes an opening tab located on both sides. This can be very useful whenever you’re at a stoplight and want to use your throttle hand to push up the sun visor. 

The only thing is the opening of the visor isn’t that big. It can be both vertically and horizontally challenging and can also make shoulder checks quite difficult.


This helmet can prevent noise up to a certain extent. The mask contains rubber sealing on top for fitting in the visor so this can be quite helpful with blocking any wind noise. But keep in mind it’s an open face helmet, which can usually let in more noise and air into the helmet. There’s also a lot of air coming through the vents located at the top and bottom of the helmet. 

This can cause the helmet to be quite noisy. It’s not as noisy as other open face helmets with no faceguard. So if you don’t mind the small amount of noise then it shouldn’t be a problem.


The Scorpion Exo-Combat provides adequate ventilation during hot temperatures. You can get ventilation through the open part of the helmet if you remove the faceguard and push up the sun visor. But there are also designed-in vents as well. There’s a vent on top of the helmet which gives you the option to open or close it using the slider when needed to. This will help pull air and keep your forehead dry as well. 

There’s no exhaust vent in the back of the shell but air does flow out the back pretty easily. The chin bar includes vents that are always opened. Also, the inner lining is ribbed which allows for air to flow in with ease. The space without the face shield and visor, and the vents altogether should bring plenty of air through. 

If you’re riding in the cold, remember that the mouth vents cannot close, so there will be plenty of air flowing through.


The Scorpion Exo-Combat is DOT approved but isn't tested for ECE, SNELL or SHARP. This helmet is not designed to protect you from an accident. It is an open-face helmet so they are generally less protective than full-face helmets. If anything, it’s protective against weather and road filth. The chin bar doesn’t even protect you against chin hits as a full-face helmet would. 

The faceguard offers no crash protection. It is easily removable by pressing the left and right tabs. If there’s an accident and you hit anything but the helmet shell then you’re in deep trouble. But if you only manage to hit the actual shell then the helmet can offer you a decent amount of protection. The visors give some eye protection as well during the day. 

Based on the results of the other Scorpion polycarbonate helmets, seven of those SHARP tested, scored about 3 out of 5 stars. So you can expect the Scorpion Exo Combat to be somewhere close to that if it were to be SHARP tested. But if you want more protection, then this might not be the helmet for you. 


The Scorpion Exo-Combat Evo helmet has built quite the fan club. It gives you that cool rebel appearance that the Scorpion Combat fans dig. It’s an aggressive helmet for only the most daring bikers. 

The few downsides would be for one the lack of room for any earplugs or speakers. The insulation isn’t very strong. The small amount of wind noise can be a bother at times too. Also, the faceguard will have you thinking that you have full face protection when, in reality, you’re exposed to an open face. And this helmet is not for track considering it’s a half-face helmet. 

The many upsides would first be its wicked hard-looking style. Wearing this helmet will for sure make people look twice. It has a premium build with its polycarbonate shell, anti-fog two-shaded visors and its removable chin bar. It is very well ventilated and also quite comfortable-seeing as the helmet shape properly fits your head.

Overall, you get an aggressively styled helmet along with some nice key function features. It averages to be about $210-$300. I’d say it’s worth it. For more information please visit our website or contact us today!

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