Scorpion EXO R710 Review

by Alex Meyer

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Scorpion’s all-new EXO-R710 is the latest helmet to be added to their famous R-series, and it is one that is hard to beat. This affordable helmet is packed with features that you would normally only expect in a helmet with a much higher price tag.

This features outstanding construction and durability, and is a great choice no matter where you plan to ride or under what conditions. With plenty of advanced characteristics, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.











Outer shell material : Fiberglass / Tri-Matrix Shell

Shell size : XS – 3XL (3 shell sizes)

Liner : dual-density EPS liner; KwickWick II moisture-wicking material

Weight : 1.35Kg

Pinlock : Inc

Strap System : Double-D ring buckle

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : 3.5 stars

Shape and materials

Constructed from a proprietary combination of Aramid fibers and interlaced fiberglass, the TriMatrix shell is strong and fits snugly around most heads. To help with the overall comfort you can choose from three different shell sizes.

For those of you who wear eyeglasses, KwikFit cheek pads can be inserted or removed as needed to better fit.

The dual-density EPS liner is designed to give you a snug fit and keep the helmet securely in place. The Kwikwick II liner fabric is an anti-microbial material that helps you to stay clean and cool, with moisture wicking properties to keep your face dry even under harsher conditions.

The Ellip-Tec Ratchet System helps the face shield open and close, sealing it properly when it’s time to move.

The Double-D ring Buckle system provides a safe and secure fit, decreasing motion and letting you turn from side to side without having to worry about your helmet getting loose or shifting while riding.

Weighing less than 1.5 kg, this is a light helmet that should help reduce head and neck fatigue on those longer stretches.

Things I liked

  • Sturdy outer shell of fiberglass and Aramid fibers
  • 3 shell sizes to choose from
  • KwickWick II liner keeps you cool and dry
  • Multiple front and rear ventilation shafts
  • No-Fog face shield keeps high visibility
  • Pinlock system for even more fog-free guarantees

Things I don’t like

  • Did we mention the road noise?

Overall comfort

Scorpion has really gone out of their way to make a helmet that feels good. With the various liners, sizes and shell options you can easily mix and match until you find the one that just feels good.

It’s snug enough that you shouldn’t feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point, but it’s not so tight on your head that you’re in discomfort or pain.


If there’s one thing that Scorpion has taken seriously with this helmet it’s fog. The EXO-R710 is built to combat fog in a couple of different ways.

First, the EverClear No Fog Face Shield is a monster, built with fog-free tech that naturally reduces fogging even in wet conditions. It’s also coated with an Anti-Scratch layer and provides complete, 100% UV protection.

In addition, the optional Pinlock system guarantees 100% fog-free vision is offered as an accessory, but it’s worth getting -- just place it in the helmet using the tear-off posts and you can expect superior visibility at all times.


While the EXO-R710 should pride itself on its visibility, the quietness is a different story. This is a louder helmet than most, and you can expect some road noise as you scream down the highway.

It does come with speaker pockets, but if you have to crank it to be heard over the road noise then all you’re doing is making everything louder. If you don’t mind noise, then this won’t be a problem at all. However, if you’re looking for a quieter ride then you might want to test this one out before committing fully.


Ventilation is another area that Scorpion has done right by the EXO-R710. This helmet comes complete with four intake ports spaced out across the front. These ports help bring cool air into the interior of the helmet.

On the back of the helmet there are three exhaust vents to move the hot air back out of the helmet, allowing more room for cool air to get in.

The end result is a very efficient cooling system that helps you stay comfortable whenever you are wearing this helmet.


The EXO-R710 is a helmet you can trust. It has received approval from a number of agencies, including the DOT, ECE and from Schnell.

In addition to this, it has a 3.5 SHARP rating -- not bad at all, and definitely a very safe helmet!


All in all, the Scorpion EXO-R710 is an impressive helmet, especially when you consider all of the features you get for a relatively wallet-friendly price.

The only problem, though, is the road noise. We had to take off some major points due to the loudness of this helmet -- again, if that doesn’t bother you so much, then feel free to ignore this part of the review and enjoy your new helmet.

However, when we factor the low quietness rating in, we give the EXO-R710 a score of 3.75.

However, if the noise bother you, the “real” rating of this helmet shoots up to a 4.4.

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