Shark Raw Review

by Alex Meyer

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When you think of raw motorcycle helmets, you think of Shark Raw, and for good reason. Shark Raw has been around for years and has a reputation for quality. Although the helmet has been renamed to Shark Drak Helmet, the design is still top-notch.

At Shark Raw, they’re pretty up front about what they do and don’t do. That shows in both the simplicity of their helmets as well as their straightforward pricing. 

They make five helmets, all of which are DOT certified and meet the minimum safety standards of that certification.

The Shark Raw has a sleek design that looks more like a helmet from a science fiction movie. The helmet has a futuristic design that does not look like it is from the 21st century. The look of it to say the least is pretty cool.

In this review we’ll be deep diving into the Shark Raw helmet. We discuss everything about the helmet, from comfort to quietness, and safety to visibility. 

Will the Shark Raw survive our honest review? Read on to find out.

Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet (Matte Green, M - 57-58 cm - 22.4-22.8'')











Outer shell material : Polycarbonate/Fiberglass

Shell size : XS-XXL

Liner : Moisture wicking and hypoallergenic

Weight : 1396 grams (3 lbs., 1-1/4 oz.)

Pinlock : No

Strap System : D-Ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Looking at the Shark Raw immediately makes you think of something that came from some alternate dystopian timeline. It’s something you’d imagine a SWAT team to have in their combat vehicle. 

The shape is highly unique, especially when you notice that the main front of the helmet is made up of goggles. The shell is created from thermodynamic plastic. The helmet isn’t technically SHARP tested, but it can hold its own in that durability test.

The shell form is very compact (actually it comes in two shell sizes), giving the helmet a tough but not overly large appearance. The helmet uses a micrometric fastener instead of a double D-Ring fastener like you’d see on most US helmets. The fastener works quite well.

Overall comfort

While Shark Raw helmets are not cheap, they do come with a good warranty as well as a lifetime refund promise. That said, we do feel that Shark Raw's helmets are a bit of a compromise in terms of comfort.

The helmet’s "hybrid" shell design is their top choice for most riders. It’s recommended that you order one slightly larger than your head size, as customers have mentioned that the helmet size is a bit smaller than they would prefer.

An even better option is to simply locate a Shark helmet dealer near you to test out the different sizes. Other than that, the helmet is quite comfortable.

Things I liked

  • Microfiber padding
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable exterior
  • Durable interior
  • Durable chin guard Includes a clear visor
  • Great ventilation (but on hot days, it can get warm if your at a rest for too long)

Things I don’t like

  • Can get sweaty at times on very hot days
  • Sometimes noisy at highway speeds


You should have no shame when riding around in this helmet. You absolutely WILL BE STARED AT, whether you drive around the block or three hundred miles. The helmet is made to be noticed, so mission accomplished. 

The Shark Raw helmet is DOT approved, but the visibility is really a selling point. The Shark Raw helmet has a “bite zone” above the eyes. Plus, there are small cutouts on the sides to allow airflow through the nostrils and the helmet. 

There’s also a light insert in the visor that provides more visibility for you. Overall, this helmet can be described as being much more streamlined than a lot of the other helmets on the market. 

The goggles of the helmet are anti-fog and believe us when we tell you they work great. The goggles also give you a very clean, ergonomic fit. It’s not very big for an DOT helmet, and feels very comfortable in all types of riding. 

The visor of the Shark Raw helmet has adjustable pads. Viewing angles are good all around.

You’ll be able to make it as short or as long as you need it to be.


We found the helmet to be quiet around town or even if you take your bike on a leisurely cruise. But, the Shark Raw sometimes shows its true colors on the highway, and it ain’t all that great. Customers and reviewers alike say the noise leaks in after you get on the interstate.

The optional bluetooth speaker system works extremely well, even at highway speeds. It cut down on any type of road noise and is highly recommended.

For those of you in Europe who may not have heard of EPS before, it’s a new material that’s used in a few different helmets. This new material offers a very small increase in air capacity over a traditional helmet, which allows for better ventilation. Combined with the helmet’s goggles, it results in a quieter helmet.

Overall, the Shark Raw is great in terms of comfort and quietness. The EPS version is a great step up in comfort over the standard version and, for the North American market, there’s also a two-stage comfort rating available.


Not all riders are fans of the constant heat build-up that can occur from a helmet venting system, and that’s especially true with helmets that have vents and large intake ports on them. 

The Shark Raw is simple, and when combined with their best feature, the EVA foam liner, the ventilation is great, with only a subtle feel of turbulence. 

Since this helmet isn’t actually ventilated, it really works best for those riders that live in hot climates. Especially where the air quality can be a serious issue. 

That isn’t to say that ventilation is bad, and it actually makes a big difference for all-around use. Moisture/sweat can collect at times, but shouldn’t be considered a real problem.


Motorcycle helmets are not mandatory in most of the US, but they are required to meet safety standards. The federal DOT certification protects consumers and ensures that motorcycle helmets meet standards to protect them against any damage.

The idea of a visor-only helmet has been around for a long time and in all likelihood will still be around when the next big motorcycle crash happens. Whether or not it’s a good idea to keep a visor-only helmet in a motorcycle crash is a subject for another day.  

Yes, the Shark Raw meets all DOT and ECE requirements, so you can use it in the US or Europe with no problems. Shark has proven that this sort of helmet system can indeed work, and most importantly keep a rider safe.

The Shark Raw is basically considered to be an Open-Face Helmet. These types of helmets are simply not considered as safe as a Full Face Helmet. Don’t get us wrong, the helmet works fine. It’s designed to give you pretty decent protection, but it simply cannot match a Full-Face Helmet system for protection.

Shark Raw designs all of their helmets with their D3 fabric, a synthetic and breathable material. This D3 material does a great job of absorbing heat, so your helmet stays cooler than a fiberglass or foam helmet. 

The internal liner features a mesh design, which protects your neck and it prevents excessive moisture from reaching your brain. This should help with eyestrain and is great for comfort. 

The chin guard is made from a blend of Kevlar and carbon, which is a nice touch for those who like an aggressive design. The visor snaps up, and is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to adjust. The helmet also features a dedicated spare.

While Shark Raw does offer some replacement pads, for the most part they just use some soft fabric to hold down the padding, which is particularly disappointing since these pads are probably the most important part of the helmet.


And there you have it. We hoped you enjoyed the information provided in our review article: Shark Raw.  The helmet scores high marks from our review for comfort, visibility, ventilation and more. 

While the noise was a bit loud during highway riding, it is acceptable. We think that this might be due to the fit of the helmet, as it can be a bit snug. It’s certainly not due to the helmet design. 

Is the Shark Raw for everyone? Certainly not. But that’s OK. This helmet is meant to give a certain appearance, and therefore perception about the rider. It could be “cool” or “bleeding edge”, etc. 

The main factors about any helmet is that it keeps you safe, has great visibility and is very comfortable. The Shark Raw Helmet is highly rated, and we think you’ll enjoy having one as much as we did.

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