Shark Spartan GT Carbon Review

by Alex Meyer

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The Shark Spartan GT is a modern street bike full face helmet with a sleek design. It comes in both carbon fiber and fiberglass. This article will focus exclusively on the carbon fiber version, which is the lighter of the two. This helmet immediately catches the eye with its sleek look. Frankly, it just looks perfect as a street bike helmet.

But does its charm extend below the surface? Is the Shark Spartan GT Carbon a viable, and safe, option for riders? Stay tuned as we give our overall thoughts on this modern helmet.













Outer shell material : Carbon Fibre

Shell size :  XS-XXL

Liner : SANITIZED®-labeled ALVEOTECH lining fabric

Weight : 1.44 Kg (carbon)

Pinlock : Pinlock Max Vision included

Strap System : Double-d ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes



SHARP : Yes 4-rated

Shape and materials

With a carbon fiber shell, this medium size of this helmet weighs 1.44 kilograms, or 3.17 pounds. While not a ridiculously lightweight street helmet, all of that weight is balanced very well.

You can obtain this specific model in multiple sizes, from XS all the way up to XXL. So no matter your head size, you should find the GT carbon in the right size. The interior ALVEOTECH lining is removable for easy cleaning. It features antimicrobial properties to reduce bacteria, keeping the liner clean for a longer period of time.

That liner also works exceptionally well to keep your head cool on a hot day.

For a visor, all units include a Pinlock Max Vision. This visor has anti-fogging technology and will protect the wearer from sunlight and debris. Finally, it features a standard double-d fastener system to keep the helmet firmly on your head.

Overall comfort

Things I liked

  • Safe
  • Excellent visors
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet

Things I don’t like

  • Visor release tricky to get to with gloves
  • Vents leave room for bugs and debris

Since the weight of the helmet is very well balanced, users report very little neck or shoulder strain trying to support it. So while it weighs about the same as most street helmets, that distribution will keep you riding for longer.

Additionally, this helmet has plenty of ventilation, which we will get to soon. It fits nice and tight around your head, leaving you feeling fully protected. You can also wear this helmet with glasses, without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. Due to its oval shape, some users with particularly round heads might not get the fit they desire.

Since its size ranges from extra small to double XL, most riders should find their size without a problem. Pro tip: consider trying on a few different sizes if possible to really make sure you get the best fit. And that goes for any motorcycle helmet.



The Shark Spartan GT carbon comes with two visors included in the box, a clear and a tinted visor. It features Pinlock posts to keep fog and mist from building up on the visor, greatly enhancing visibility. The tinted visor will protect against light on sunnier days.

This helmet features a very easy visor release system. Simply press the release button and pull the visor off. And since it comes off easily, you can put it back on without a hitch.

The high quality visors keep the user from experiencing double vision, blurriness or distortion. So you can trust this helmet to give you the visibility you need to feel safe and comfortable on the road.


Shark gives this helmet its classic “Shark skin technology” on both sides of the visor. This in effect greatly reduces wind sound and helps result in a smooth and quiet ride. And that Shark skin seems to really work for a lot of users. In fact, some even claim that  they do not have to wear earplugs while wearing this helmet because of how quiet it is.

Additionally, a full chin shirt and neck roll help wrap this helmet all around your head, further reducing wind noise. This works so well that even at highway speeds some users still do not feel the need to wear ear plugs. However, for your own safety, wear earplugs for at least your first couple of rides. We always recommend earplugs for all journeys to help maintain hearing healthiness.

But of course, noise comfort varies from one rider to another. Despite rave reviews about its noise level from several sources, others will still claim a loud experience while wearing. So do not expect absolute silence from this helmet.


Like many modern street helmets, the Shark Spartan GT carbon comes equipped with all of the vents you would expect at its price point. It has twin vents in the chin bar, exhaust vents towards the back, and a larger double vent up top. These three ventilation points help air to flow all the way around the head, from chin to the scalp and then finally out the back.

This helps keep the rider cool during hotter days. And on colder days you can adjust the top and back vents to keep warm. 

With that ventilation comes a little bit of exposure to the outside world. This means that on top of air, bugs and other debris might find their way in. The chin vents pull air from the top of the vent, reducing the likelihood of anything entering from the front. So you can feel pretty secure knowing that the lower part of your face will be safe.

The top vents give us a different story. They act as a scoop, allowing for air and other particles to find its way from the top of the head into the helmet. So you might get bugs or other debris in your hair from opening these vents all the way. You might want to invest in a vent screen if this counts as a significant drawback.


Safety always comes first when looking at any kind of motorcycle gear. You expose yourself to the elements and need something that will not let you down in the event of an emergency. Thankfully, the Shark Spartan GT continues Shark’s excellent record of safe motorcycle helmets. 

Tested by SHARP, the original fiberglass model scored three out of five possible stars. However, this specific carbon fiber model scored four out of five stars, beating its predecessor. Not only did Shark manage to increase the safety rating on their updated model, they also reduced its weight. That definitely counts as a worthwhile upgrade.

It is worth noting that the fiberglass version did eventually go on to obtain a four star rating as well. An upgraded shell accounts for the increased safety rating. Still, the carbon fiber version achieved this rating right from the start, and still weighs less.

For those unfamiliar, the SHARP crash testing system was introduced in 2007. It gives helmets a rating out of five stars depending on how it holds up in a crash. The more stars, the safer the helmet. So a score of four stars indicates a good crash rating. While this crash rating is not the highest, it will likely hold up should any accidents occur.

Shark did not feel the need to submit this helmet to a Snell test, which is another safety rating system. Its marks from the SHARP test offer a strong enough indication of its safety performance. 

Of course, all motorcycle helmets must pass the ECE 22.05 test for sale in Europe, and the DOT in the United States. The Shark Spartan GT Carbon has passed both, meaning that it meets the minimum safety requirements imposed by governmental bodies. The SHARP rating of four stars means it does not just barely meet the minimum but in fact exceeds it by a fair margin.

Safety ratings extend beyond crash ratings. The helmet’s excellent visors also act as an important asset to boost its overall safety. Anti-fog technology and protection from sunlight help ensure the rider can remain thoroughly in control for the entire ride.

Finally, the double-d locking strap should keep the helmet firmly in place at all times. So no matter the conditions, the Shark Spartan will stay put so long as you wear it in the correct size.


Overall, the Shark delivers an excellent street bike helmet with the Spartan GT Carbon. It delivers a very cool and clean look while offering all the top grade features one would expect. Fashion truly does mix with function in this case. So if you are looking for a cool but safe and comfortable helmet, the Shark Spartan Carbon GT should deliver exactly what you need.

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