Shoei J Cruise Review

by Alex Meyer

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This is an absolute exception on the open face segment. Usually, 3/4 helmets give up quite a lot in quality of build and protection vs full face helmets. But Shoei has produced a 3/4 that feels exactly as a full face in terms of integrity, with the exceptionally good airflow system that we already know from the Neotec or the GT-Air. 

Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black/X-Large











Outer shell material : Fiberglass

Shell size : XS+S+M /L/ XL+XXL

Liner : Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell and Multi-Piece EPS liner

Weight : 1610 grams


Strap System : Chinstrap system

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

Once again we find the "Slightly Narrow" Intermediate Oval shape, also known as Shoei Fit. Great news for those with a narrower head but won't be very comfortable for more rounded heads.

The Multi-Piece EPS liner is incredibly well made. Fully removable and washable, with nice round ear pockets that feel really comfortable. Is very easy to fit eyeglasses. The overall comfort feeling in this helmet is outstanding.

Shield and visibility

Visibility is one of the main factors that can make us go for an open helmet. In this case, it is virtually unlimited. One is able to see everything in front and below, great news for cruiser owners with the speedometer and other instruments on the fuel tank.

The visor absorbs 99% of UV rays and provides near full-face coverage, with the bottom of it nicely ending just after the chin. The wind and debris protection is superb. The visor removal system is very easy to operate.

The sun visor is nicely fitted in a way that doesn't affect the density of the EPS liner in the forehead area. It is friction based, meaning you can push it as far below as you want, stopping at any point. It is optical grade quality and it is noticed as soon as we push it down, leaving all other sun visors ever seen looking extremely cheap in comparison.

Things I liked

  • Outstanding overall quality.
  • Ventillation is excellent.
  • Outstanding quality and operation of the internal sun visor.
  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Feels like a full face helmet
  • Extremely comfortable.

Things I don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Not a good fit for rounded heads.

Ventilation and Noise

The ventilation system of this helmet is, for a change, what you would expect for the price. Awesome. Is surprising how many helmet brands get this wrong. But Shoei uses a big vent on top, that is designed alongside with the liner flow channels, and the result is that the air coming from the top nicely goes the whole way down through the helmet. On cold weathers you will have to close the top vent or you'll freeze.

Ventilation on the chin-face area is as good as we can expect from any 3/4. But with the visor down, is actually a bit less, somewhat what we would find on a full face helmet, since the visor is that long. 

Noise levels are below average for an open face helmet, thanks the same large visor. Some engine "echo" can be heard and the air noise on the chin is obvious. The vents are extremely quiet which is a plus. Overall good rating on this section.


The helmet weights 3.75 lbs, which is quite a lot for a open helmet. The density of the padding has a lot to do with this and the sun visor also increases weight. The balance is perfect. As every Shoei, it comes with a 5 year warranty from sale date or 7 years from manufacture, whichever comes first. The retention used is double D rings and the padding on the chin strap is comfortable.

All in all we could say that "you pay what you get"  since it is quite an expensive helmet but obviously Shoei knows they made the best open face helmet to date, and they priced it accordingly.

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