Shoei RJ Platinum-R Review

by Alex Meyer

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Shoei's latest entry into the market, the RJ Platinum, is a premium street motorcycle helmet that features a variety of new features and a few noticeable changes from its predecessor the RJ. 

The new Platinum features an updated design and a redesigned cheek pad that features a new material. The RJ Platinum-R is an open face helmet that is designed specifically for bike riders who want to have the best protection combined with the best comfort. 

The RJ Platinum has proven itself to be one of the most popular helmets sold today. The previous model, the RG, was Shoei’s top end premium road motorcycle helmet and a major contender in the industry. 

The idea behind the creation of the RJ Platinum was to have a motorcycle specific helmet that is ready to be deployed into any motorcycle rider’s kit. 

But is the helmet just all talk? We’ll be finding this out in our review.













Outer shell material : AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fiber)

Shell size : XS- 3XL

Liner : Dual Layer EPS

Weight : 3.78 pounds

Pinlock : Pinlock and Visor


Strap System : Loop Chin Strap

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

The RJ Platinum-R helmet is known for many things including; it’s construction and it’s excellent coverage for the rider. The other thing that makes this helmet interesting is it’s funky 1970’s retro look. 

This being  an open face helmet, the RJ Platinum-R has a small built in sun visor but no faceshield, so you need to remember that when you are deciding on this type of helmet.

The outer shell is made from the always fantastic AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fiber which provides maximum protection. Basically this is a shell that’s made up of 5 layers of different materials. 

The materials are composed of 5 types of fiber each with their own separate properties. When combined, it makes for a lighter helmet that's just  as strong or even stronger than a pure fiberglass shell. 

The RJ Platinum-R is offered in a whopping 4 different shell sizes, which shows you how popular this helmet is. The actual size of the helmet will initially throw you for a curve. It’s larger when you see it in person.


The majority of motorcycle riders enjoy helmet comfort, but Shoei found a way to take its  premium motorcycle helmet design and integrate its air channels into the side shell construction. 

This is one comfortable helmet once you get used to wearing it. The cheek pads are very soft while the liner takes care of the rest of the skull. Strangely, it feels sort of like a high end pillow more than anything else. 

Things I liked

  • Very comfortable, no fatigue
  • DOT, ECE and SNELL Approved
  • Manages noise cancellation quite well
  • Removable GT-style sun visor

Things I don’t like

  • Jury is out on the styling; unnecessary contouring added
  • Takes some time to get used to the fit
  • Included visor may no be for everyone
  • You may experience a sore jaw due to the stiff construction

This could be because the liner utilizes a 3D design. This helps to construct a helmet meant to not only protect but to also wrap around the head tighter but with more comfort.

The silicone and leather pads that cover the inside of the helmet take some getting used to. They do not conform to the skull and face at first. This is because the structure of the helmet is super stiff, providing ultimate protection.

No matter what, the helmet still comes in at 3.78 pounds. We understand that it is the nature of open face helmets to be heavier than others. But we have to admit that the RJ Platinum-R is one well balanced helmet. It never felt too heavy or caused even the slightest fatigue.


Being  an open face design, you’ll get maximum comfort from the RJ Platinum-R. With nothing more than the molded and removable sun visor, the helmet provides nothing but open skies as you head down the road. 

The visor, known as “OpenRoad” can be fully removed if you wish. It attaches at the brow of the helmet and should provide sun protection for most riders. 

Of course other visors such as a full bubble face shield can be installed instead of the standard one. The Shoei uses a standard 5-snap GT visor design to stay compatible with other aftermarket compatible visors and shields.

Still, if you opt for the pure open face experience we remind you to never forget to wear some type of eye protection. Ride smarter when you’re riding harder!


Many motorcycle helmets claim to isolate the rider from ambient sounds while riding, and the one on the Platinum-R does the most to separate the helmet and rider from the outside world. 

Quite surprisingly the RJ Platinum-R is able to muffle out road noise and bike roar quite impressively. This is probably due to the 3D design which takes into account how snuggly the helmet fits.

It’s still quite a feat for an open face helmet. But it still is not perfect. We found there was “whispering” along the visor area. This may eventually annoy some riders over time but it did not distract us much. 

The HD 3D Audio system that Shoei developed is retained for the Platinum-R, but it is now accompanied by an internal microphone and loudspeaker, increasing the mask's noise cancellation capabilities. 

The megaphone-like microphone and speaker are just like those found in the Shoei SRD-XS, but with the RJ you get a louder speaker for those long and mid-range rides where volume isn't your strong point.


Let's start with the first thing you notice when you get the lid on: the shield. It looks a bit different from the shield found on previous helmets. The shield has been redesigned. It's bigger, it's taller and it has a much better shape that makes it much more comfortable.

This change allows the shield to more evenly distribute the airflow and doesn't throw everything into the brim of your helmet. When you are riding you don't want to feel like your helmet is blowing off. 

The second thing that jumps out at you are the new vents. The old vents were long and skinny, with almost no vertical space between them. This made it difficult to pack more air into the helmet while also being hard to achieve a cool look. 

The new vents are curved. The majority of motorcycle riders enjoy helmet comfort, but Shoei found a way to take its  premium motorcycle helmet design and integrate its air channels into the side shell construction. 

By turning the air channels inside the helmet, they have been able to significantly reduce the amount of fabric that is required to make the air channels more comfortable. 

There are intake vents along the brow of the helmets and an additional two vents at the rear to expel anyhow air that gets built up.

But it is baffling that a ¾ helmet with no face shield would need additional vents at all. There are two adjustable vents at the front forehead part of the helmet and two more integrated vents at the rear. They work fine, but they may be more of an aesthetics thing than anything else depending on your venting needs.


The RJ Platinum-R has all the same safety features as the larger XL version, except it now comes with an XL lens, or removable visor, and an XL chin bar. 

The previous version was an XL, or an XL/MTM with a removable chin bar, visor, and non-removable lens. The helmet is certified to be DOT and EPS approved. Interestingly, the helmet is also SNELL approved. 

What is SNELL?

SNELL approval is provided by an independent group that strives to ensure that helmets conform to certain toughness scales. SNELL is a non profit organization. The ratings they provide are not mandated by state or federal laws. It’s strictly voluntary for manufacturers to apply for this certification.

SNELL requirements are considered tougher than DOT approval. Additionally, SNELL ratings are also updated every 5 years or so. 

The tests are basically the same as DOT but are much more rigorous. For instance, DOT uses 2 specifically shaped anvils to simulate one of their crash tests, whilst SNELL uses at least 5. 

Either way you look at it, the RJ Platinum-R will provide superior rash protection and impact shock resistance.


We hope you have enjoyed  this walkthrough of the Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet. This is one solid helmet in terms of features and protection abilities. Shoei did a fantastic job with this helmet. 

It’s not the easiest thing to pull off comfort and quietness in an open face helmet. We’re not saying that the RJ Platinum-R walks on water or anything, but it still lets you have fun while allowing you to be safe. Shoei did an amazing job.

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