Shoei X-14 Review

by Alex Meyer

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If you are someone who is looking for high quality material. If you are a newby motorcyclist looking to buy a helmet that has the least risks. If customization features are important to you, then Shoei’s X-Fourteen sports helmet is right for you.  

The X-Fourteen is among the highest rated sports helmets manufactured by Shoei. Shortly after its debut in Spring 2016, this full-face headgear captured the attention of famous motorcycle riders like Marc Marquez who gave it two thumbs up. While there are a small number of reviews who indicate minor changes should be made to this model, those same reviewers do not disagree that this model is worthy to be among the five-star rankings. Six attributes that make this helmet soar in high ratings are its: materials, level of comfort, visibility, quietness, ventilation and safety levels.  

Shoei Solid X-14 Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black/Large












Overall rating:


Outer shell material : Fiberglass

Shell size : 4 shell sizes

Liner : Multi Density Shock absorbing EPS Liner

Weight : 3lbs

Pinlock : Pinlock Evo anti-fog

Strap System : D-ring fastener

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : Yes


SHARP :  SHARP 5 star

FIM: yes

Shape and materials

Finally, an item that is as close to “one size fits all” as it can get. If finding the right helmet size tends to be a challenge for you, then consider the X-Fourteen. Its most discussed feature is its customization options. This model has four shell sizes that already seems to contour well to most head sizes. Additionally, it has removable and replaceable interior padding that allows you to find your perfect fit.  Whether your head shape is slimmer or rounder, there are plenty of options for a custom-made design. 

The exterior is made of fiberglass material with organic fiber and resin. The helmet fares as an acceptable lightweight model of about 3 pounds. Its multi-density shock absorbing EPS liner throughout the chin bar maximizes impact absorption. The EPS liner system also improves ventilation by allowing airflow through tunnels created in the EPS.

There is a detachable chin curtain, lower air spoiler, as well as a breath guard, all which improve aerodynamic stabilization. The helmet comes with a standard D 

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Things I don’t like

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Ring fastener strap system.   

If adding color and boldness to your life is important, there are at least fourteen paint jobs to choose from. Available sizes range from an extra small to a double extra-large.  

The Pinlock EVO fog-resistant double shield system is included with the X-Fourteen. Before this was added, the X series anti-fog capabilities were only slightly better than rival brands. Now that the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system is added, the X-Fourteen is set on a higher pedestal. This is a significant improvement and appears to do a substantial job with preventing fog interruptions. This system apparently is the most effective anti-fog development out there, with the highest grade of moisture-absorbing material available.

Overall comfort

We all know that no matter how great bonus features may be, if the item we are wearing is not comfortable, it will be soon thrown into the graveyard of lost investments. In other words, the potential to impress might be there, but the product is literally not a “good fit”. With the X-Fourteen, there is plenty of room for maximized comfort. Plush and adjustable interior padding allows you to personalize the helmet to your own liking. They are easy to detach and to clean, as well. You are able to receive fuller, longer usage from this helmet because of how comfortable it feels, while also enjoying the extra bonus aspects. 

Its AIM+ shell makes this one of the lightest, yet strongest helmets on the market. So, that prevents strained muscles and pressure points.   

Some owners state there is a more snug feeling after first trying it out. However, snug is soon replaced with the sense of being more intact and secure.  

3D Max-Dry helmet liner material makes for cooler, dryer experiences as it absorbs and gets rid of sweat faster than traditional nylon.     


Let’s talk about the CWR-F Pinlock-Ready race shield. Along with 99 percent UV protection and scratch resistant coating, this shield offers new vortex generators that reduce air friction. Shoei also added the new ribbing feature to the top and bottom edges of the shield in order to minimize vision distortion and bending and improve rigidity. Furthermore, new double shield pinlock options prevent unwanted shield openings. The QR-E base plate makes it possible to make shield changes a quicker, smoother process. With Shoei’s own patented technology, the base plate details a waterproof and wind seal. A five-stage rotating dial for shield and base plate fine tuning is a highlight.

What is most revolutionary is the ability to rotate the helmet up to 4 degrees by adjusting the interior padding. This allows riders to switch into a tuck, head-down position while still having full upper field vision.  

Both tint and transition options are available.


The X-Fourteen has been undisputed as one of the quieter sports helmets. The multi dense padding, the well sealed face shield and the chin guard can be thanked for that. Even while the vents are opened, noise suppression is noticeably better than other helmets. Removable ear pads come with the package for extra protection and comfort.    

While perception as to how noise or quiet can differ from person to person, it is clear that the X-Fourteen should be taken into consideration when selecting noise cancellation headgear. You cannot go wrong when it comes to this available feature because there has been very little testified disappointments. Expressions of overall satisfaction abound.


If staying cool is on your must-have list, then the X-Fourteen should be one of your top options. It is highly likely this is the prime feature keeping owners satisfied. It has 6 air intake vents and 6 exhaust outlets that creates a breezy atmosphere. There is upper ventilation, including the brow vent and a top vent above that one. Another vent is located in the chin bar for lower ventilation. Additionally, the bonus cheek pad cooling system optimizes superb airflow through channels cut through the EPS liner and corresponding air holes.   

The unique ventilation system is what makes this model worth the price when you understand how it not only greatly improves air circulation, but also affects aerodynamic functions.  

Good aerodynamic designs reduce drag and turbulence during high speeds. They allow smooth head rotation with minimal resistance. Swift stabilization and balance, in other words, is golden. It is what can make the difference in shaving off milliseconds to reach the finish line in a high speed race. There are rear flaps that can be replaced with optional, narrower flaps to customize aerodynamics, depending on rider preference.


There is no question about safety. The X-Fourteen is certainly DOT and ECE approved. Shoei continues to uphold Snell safety standards as this model is Snell M2015 certified.  Also, it has been FIM approved and homologated. Most notably though, it holds a 5 star rating with SHARP. This headgear has gone through plenty of testing with positive outcomes from them all. 

It is not an easy thing to be certified by not only one but five reliable certification boards. Keeping riders safe should be number one on the priority list. It has an emergency quick release system so that medical specialists can gently and quickly remove the helmet safely.   

Many owners have been willing to vouch for the improved safety. Owners have reported an overall sense of feeling more security with all of the new features.   


As with most things, there are obvious pros and cons as you consider purchasing Shoei’s X-Fourteen sports helmet. Very clearly, it is ranked among the highest for safety. 

The unique ventilation system is a clear advancement. Most satisfying experiences can come from this feature alone seeing how it almost guarantees an enjoyable cooler ride on a hot summer’s day. Most importantly, it brings balance and enhances superior aerodynamics when reaching high speeds.   

Of course, customization and fitting are major pros. Maintaining a quality comfort level is critical to prevent distractions tangled with unnecessary frustrations. It is a high certainty that you will find the right size tailor-made just for you, in addition to a five-year warranty. 

With that being said, the price tag is more of a con because it is steeper than average. Particularly for a rider who is a beginner, you may not need all of the extra features, as valuable as they may be, at that stage. There are several alternatives that could offer quality features to get you started. There is the HJCs RPHA-11, Scorpion EXO 2000 Evo Air, Bell Star Carbon and the Arai RX-7V, just to name a few. However, and most assuredly, the Shoei X-Fourteen is a good buy that will more than likely provide rewarding satisfaction. It was designed with top racers’ input. Worthy investments pay off in more ways than one with longer-lasting equipment and one-of-a-kind experiences. Check out Shoei X-Fourteen today. 

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