Skid Lid Original Review

by Alex Meyer

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Half helmets make a statement about a rider’s style. Riders with a love for half helmets tend to share a love of riding on the open road with the wind in their faces and miles of laid back riding ahead of them. They have a way of making the rider feel like they are rewinding the clock, providing a simpler, stripped-down design for simpler days and times.

If you are a half helmet rider, there is no doubt that you have heard of the original Skid Lid. This classic, minimalist design is perfect for warm weather and the casual weekend ride. With the Skid Lid, all you have to do is throw on a pair of goggles, strap on your helmet, fire up your bike, and get ready to cruise through the weekend.

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Skid Lid Original Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)

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Skid Lid Original Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)

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Skid Lid Original Helmet (Flat Black, X-Large)











Outer shell material : Thermoplastic alloy injected shell

Shell size : X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Weight : 4 lbs

Pinlock : No

Strap System : Retention straps with D-rings

Safety Ratings

DOT : Yes

ECE : No


SHARP : Not tested

Shape and materials

The design of the Skid Lid is fairly simple. It’s a no-frills design that gives the rider the ability to enjoy the freedom of the open road without having to tamper with the bells and whistles of more complicated designs.

The bucket is made of a thermoplastic alloy injected shell with a nylon strap and double D-rings to keep your helmet fitting tightly and securely. The Skid Lid isn’t bulky by any means. It has a low profile that sits tightly to your head, with virtually zero bulging on the sides, back, front, or top of the bucket. However, keep in mind that the Skid Lid is DOT rated, which means that it isn’t going to quite have the low profile that many vintage or novelty style helmets have. To get that DOT rating, they have to meet DOT safety standards that give the rider enough cushion and protection to keep them significantly safer in an accident.

The protective, EPS foam liner on the interior of the helmet is one of the primary material reasons that this helmet is going to look and feel bulkier than what you imagine when you think of a classic biker half helmet. Many vintage and novelty style half-helmets are aiming for fashion over function, leading to a low profile helmet that doesn’t provide ample amounts of protection. All things considered, Skid Lid is still known for having a low profile, protective shell that makes up for the bulk that is added with the EPS foam.

With a simple design, you may think that the Skid Lid doesn’t leave room for a lot of customization. You may be surprised to hear that the Skid Lid does not only come in a variety of colors and finishes but also tons of different options for graphics and design. Whether you prefer to keep a low profile with a classic black matte finish, stand out a little more with a glossy sheen, or go for your own signature look with a custom graphic, Skid Lid gives their riders a plethora of options for personalizing your style.

Things I liked

  • Low price
  • Low profile
  • DOT rated
  • Lots of different design, color, and finish options
  • Comfortable and protective EPS foam
  • D-ring strap that is easy to adjust

Things I don’t like

  • Zero ventilation
  • Not as low profile as vintage style helmets

Overall comfort

If comfort is one of your top priorities, the Skid Lid isn’t going to disappoint. The EPS foam padding and the helmet liner sit comfortably on your head. It is lightweight which means that you aren’t going to be straining your neck when you are out cruising on the weekend.

The Skid Lid’s half helmet design is perfect for riding in warm weather during the spring or summer, so you can enjoy the wind blowing across your face. You have plenty of clearance beneath the front of the helmet to throw on your favorite pair of goggles and hit the road.


One of the big pluses to riding with a half helmet like the skid lid is that you are going to maximize your visibility at every angle of this helmet. There’s no mask or shield blocking your face, so you have a totally clear view throughout the peripheral areas of your helmet, and nothing blocking your vision from seeing the road in front of you.


As you may have guessed, there is zero noise suppression when it comes to the Skid Lid and half helmet designs like this one. If you enjoy the noise of your bike, the wind, and the open road (or at very least don’t mind it) this is going to be a great helmet for you. If you have a really loud bike or you just want a helmet that provides for a quieter ride, we would recommend looking at a full-faced, full-featured helmet that covers your ears.


The Skid Lid embodies the minimalist riding design in every way, including ventilation. There are no front, top, or back vents on this helmet. That means all of your ventilation and cooling is going to go across your face and neck, but the top of your head is going to be totally insulated. We would not recommend this helmet for cold-weather riding, as it leaves your face totally exposed to the elements. That is, unless you have a really well insulated, thermal riding mask that you can throw on in the winter.


One of the biggest upsides to this design is that it is low-profile and lightweight enough not to be uncomfortable on your head or neck, but the liner and shell are thick enough to earn it a DOT safety rating. If you really love the classic, throwback biker helmet style but want more in terms of security and safety, the Skid Lid provides the perfect balance.


Is the Skid Lid the ideal helmet for your daily work commute or year-round riding? Probably not, unless you live in a mild climate in the southwestern United States. If you are however looking for a classic bike half helmet that you can take out for a casual weekend riding when the weather is nice, this just might be the right helmet for you.

There are several features that any half-helmet enthusiast can appreciate about this design. The fact that it minimizes the profile and bulge while maximizing safety with their DOT rating is one of their top-selling points. The Skid Lid is minimalist in the fit and function but gives you a ton of options in terms of colors, finishes, and graphics. Even in being the embodiment of “simple,” you can choose from a wide variety of colors and graphics to suit your own personal style.

The EPS foam, nylon strap, and double D-ring locks are essential for keeping this bucket locked down to your head safely and securely. Just keep in mind that you aren’t going to be getting any ventilation to your head while riding. You are going to be taking wind across your entire face, which means you are going to need a pair of goggles while you are riding. The great news is that you have plenty of clearance under the front of the helmet that you can wear goggles of virtually all shapes and sizes.

What about the pricing?

If you have been shopping for a classic, protective half helmet that isn’t going to break the bank, you’ve found the right model. The Skid Lid comes in around the $50 price point. If this isn’t going to be your primary riding helmet, it makes for a great secondary. The Skid Lid’s price point and low profile make it easy to store in your garage or home so that you can use it as your weekend riding helmet. It’s also great for keeping in your onboard bike storage for a friend that may want to ride on the back.

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